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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nurgle 3:16

By Tom de Mayo

Some Nurgle 40k I finished not too long ago, including a Knight and a Fire Raptor. Khârn is in there too. (Don't you wish you could type â like that? Hail the US English International Keyboard mapping.)

For that Nurgle look, I primer black, then dry brush on some dark green, a some olive green, and a bit of bone color, making sure to leave lots of mottled gaps. Then I slather on a wash of Brown and Black Vallejo ink, and dribble some washes of other colors here and there.

 A Fire Raptor

Group Shot of Cultists

 "Does this Chaos Make My Ass Look Fat?"

Icky Demons

 Melee Cultists

 Shooty Cultists

Remember, Papa Nurgle loves you. 

Tom de Mayo remains a force for irreverence and a slayer of countless tiny pewter men. 

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