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Friday, September 18, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Green Squadron: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster- Introducing Green Squadron

A Long Time Ago... In a Galaxy Far Far Away...
Amazing picture by Mike Evans. Actual Models of Green Squadron!
In a remote sector of the Outer Rim, a small force of Rebel FREEDOM FIGHTERS is tasked with keeping the Rebellion alive after a series of crippling Imperial strikes. Striking from their sole capital ship EMERALD ONE, Green Squadron must stand toe to toe with the empire with fresh, untested pilots and limited supplies.

The Empire possesses a planetary garrison on Nulan VI, and the Star Destroyer RETRIBUTION relentlessly patrols the system. Every operation GREEN SQUADRON conducts requires a swift, coordinated strike before fading into the darkness of space. With the possibility of the RETRIBUTION dropping from hyperspace at any moment, GREEN SQUADRON must remain ever vigilant.

Heroes of the Aturi Cluster is a cooperative campaign developed by Josh Derksen and hosted by DockingBay416. You can find more information on the campaign at this link.

The Campaign allows up to 6 players to play cooperatively against AI controlled enemies. The complete campaign set (which is a free download!) includes mission cards, new terrain types, AI and Elite cards for enemy pilots, player character sheets, and a massive campaign booklet with 16 missions spread across 5 awesome story arcs.

Player characters earn experience, increase their pilot skill, and unlock new upgrades. Your pilots can become extremely awesome (more so than they could ever be in regular X-Wing) as they grow into the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster.

Judson and I had been planning a weekend of gaming debauchery, when this gem was announced just days before. We immediately became interested, got a bunch of friends excited, painted up our own fighters, and decided we had to do it.

To further the excitement, our friend Mike from Space Rocks got excited about watching Green Squadron, and decided they needed a home base. He rushed us the first Nebulon B off the production line to act as Emerald One. Though it didn't participate in any battles (The Rebels must keep it safe! it's their only home!), it remained on the table throughout play to remind us that we had a safe haven. Please check out Mike's Nebulon in X-Wing scale on his site--it's amazing! If you order one, make sure to use the code IFF2015 to save 10%!

Meet Green Squadron
All of the fighters available to Green Squadron.

A flight returning to Emerald One after a successful operation.

Green One AKA Wrongway Played by Steven

Wrongway pilots an X-Wing that's been through the ringer. Though all of the Squad are Rookies, Wrongway was initially made Squadron Leader, lost the title to Mynock, and later regained the title for the remainder of the campaign. Wrongway's X-Wing was modified with many black market thrust modules, and thus was the most maneuverable X-Wing in the squadron by a good deal.

Like the rest of Green Squadron's Fighters, Wrongway's X-Wing is a patchwork of replacement parts.

Green Two AKA Mynock (and Later: Piper) Played by Judson
Mynock pilots a beat up Y-Wing with an ion turret. His ship was built to do one thing well: take incoming fire. Though this often left him in his ejected cockpit at the end of a mission, it usually ensured the objectives were completed.

Green Three AKA Farmer Played by Eric
Unfortunately, Farmer had urgent business to attend to regarding a bounty on his head from a powerful Hutt family, and thus did not participate in the campaign. His Y-Wing was converted for crop dusting years ago, before being refit for combat duty in Green Squadron.

Green Four AKA Bottom Feeder (Later: BFF) Played by Sean

Bottom Feeder is a speed demon. When his X-Wing couldn't keep up with his adrenaline, he requisitioned the only A-Wing available to the fleet, patched it up himself, and got it flying. He currently holds the Green Squadron speed record.

Green Five AKA Tenthumbs Played by Andrew
Tenthumbs can always be counted on to get a job done - not with finesse, but with perseverance. Tenthumbs' father was a former Senator, and retains many strong connections (not to mention some much needed capital!)

Green Six AKA Hotshot Played by Jon
Hotshot was exactly that - a hotshot. He was either supremely lucky, supremely stupid, Force Sensitive, or all three. Constantly getting himself into and out of jams, Hotshot survived against impossible odds and earned a ridiculous kill tally along the way. While he could be a thorn in the Squadron Commander's side, he was as effective as they come.

Green Seven AKA Cantina (Later: C-Town) Played by Eric
Cantina was never sober, but he was a hell of a pilot. Cantina and Bottom feeder operated side by side for several missions where both grew to trust the other would always have his back. They dubbed themselves BFF and C-Town and became an effective Empire-killing duo.

Green Eight AKA Closer Played by Luke
Green Eight only saw two missions of flight time, and borrowed Farmer's Y-Wing (only after the deck crew promised Farmer they wouldn't remove the crop dusting equipment!). During his brief time with Green Squadron, he showed the others what a Twin Laser Turret was capable of.

Flight Commander M'kel Evs Played by Mike

A former pilot himself, and brilliant tactician, M'Kel proved himself on early sorties in the Aturi sector, and when the former Imperial Frigate Diomedes was captured and converted to Emerald One, he was put in charge of the Combat Space Group. Though he longs to sit in the cockpit of an X-Wing, M'Kel is an effective leader and has been integral in many successful strikes.

Check back soon for the story of Green Squadron!

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