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Friday, September 25, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Green Squadron: Mission Two: Combat Patrol. (X-Wing)

The second mission assigned to Green Squadron saw Greens 1, 2, 5 and 6 sent out on another escort mission to protect a convoy in the Parnel Sector. 

Welcome back, Greens 1 and 2, I apologize that there's no time for a debriefing from the last run you made, but we've got to escort a supply convoy to our hidden base in the Parmel Sector and a group of potentially hostile signals has been detected in a nearby asteroid field. I need you two to check it out before our vulnerable freighters are set upon by Imperial ambushers.

The good news? Well, I'm not sure if you'll consider it good news, but two new pilots calling themselves Tenthumbs and Hotshot have arrived on the last reinforcement shuttle. I'm assigning them to Green Squadron. Dismissed.


Participating Pilots:

Green 6: - and that's how I got the name "Hotshot".
Green 5: You gave yourself the nickname?
Green 2: He did say that he was part of the culture of the prison he -
Green 1: Cut the chatter, Green Squadron - two groups of TIE coming in, 11 o' clock!

Green 2: I see 'em, but feel like we're forgetting something.
Green 1: Right. All wings report in!
Green 2: Green 2, standing by.
Green 5: Green 5, standing by!
Green 6: Green 6, ready to kick some -
Green 1: Let's run a clean sweep, Green Squadron. On me!

Green 6: I didn't come here to play follow-the-leader. Going in!
Green 1: Lock on my target, Green Squadron!

Green 6: I'm taking heavy fire from the eyeballs!

Green 5: Nice shot, Green Leader!

Green 5: They've clustered up tightly -
Green 2: But can we get this Hotshot out in time?

Green 1: Hey there Hotshot, you're headed the wrong way!

Green 2: - keeping those maneuvers awful tight Wrongway.

Green 1: Just keep up that ion fire, 2. 5, stay on target.

Green 1: Nice shot, 5.
Green 2: Green Leader, I'm picking up new signals -

Green 2: - Interceptors, coming from behind.

Green 5: I'm on the lead interceptor.

Green 5: Careful, Green Leader, you've got one behind.

Green 1: Thanks, 5.

Green 2: I'm not clear of mine - he's too quick for the traverse speed of my ion turret! We're coming around the rock now!

Green 2: There's so many of them!

Green 6: Hotshot, comin' in to save the day!

Green 1: That ion cannon slowed him down, now for the finisher -

Green 2: - that got him!

Green 2: One less TIE to worry about. 

Green 5: They're really falling apart now!

Green 5: Wait, Hotshot, I can't support you from here -
Green 2: The turret's still overheated I -
Green 1: Get out of there, Green 6!

Green 1: Wait. I - zzzzzzzzzzz -

The remaining Imperial ships begin to retreat, the extended battle taxing their consumables to the extremes.

Green 2: Alright Green Squadron, let's pull Wrongway's evac pod out of here and RTB to refuel.

Nice job, Green Squadron. You provided enough of a distraction for the convoy to make it past undetected. It's time for the forces in the Aturi Cluster to finally strike back at the Empire!

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