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Friday, September 11, 2015

Chain of Command: Russian Civil War Allied Intervention.

 By Eric Lauterbach

When you belong to group of gamers that have been around a while there is not much you can't do.

So when the call went out for who has stuff that would work for Russian Civil War a surprising amount of crap was available in the I95 Gamers inventory.

To make it even more silly we went with the Allied Intervention into Northern Russia around Arkhangelsk.

If you are not familiar with that fiasco here you go. We adapted the recent Too fat Lardies release of a WWI variant for Chain of Command.  

We had a combined French and British force holding a village from a Red Russian force.
 Reds on table! I forgot to take pics of the patrol phase..doh!

 You can see the various jump off points.

 The Reds advance under the proper political encouragement.

 The French Infantry and British HMG pop up in the town and crack the Russians with some long range fire.

Ouch! we found them.

 Bring the wagon forward!

 The center jump off point is really exposed, the French deploy to defend.

 The Brits on the table

 The French dig in like tics.

The Russians start to pour firepower down on the French in the woods.

 Long range allied fire puts some hits on the Reds

 The French are getting pounded with fire but they only roll ones and nobody gets hurt! Hurrah for bad dice!
 driven off by fire!

 Reds advance!

 Reds advance some more!
 Anybody who fails to advance will be shot!

 The French are holding like heros of Verdun!

 Here it comes for the Poilu.

Mass Red bayonet charge

 Charge or be shot!

 The French are in good position and have the advantage defending.

 But WAIT! While rolling a lot of ones is good for saves its really bad in close combat and French get their butts kicked!

The French position becomes unhinged.

 Redeploy to hold the line.

 Whack! it happened again only worse what should have been an easy French bounce of the Reds turns into a route.

 Hey! maybe we should go back to France and leave this problem for the Whites!

The French feel betrayed by the British! Albion Perfide!

That was a crazy and fun game of Chain of Command. The system really lets you expand it into whatever you like!

Tarzan hate Reds!!

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