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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whoa- what's going on around? Where did Outpost Zero go?

Guys, we have exciting news. As of today, we've decided that Outpost Zero has served it's time. It acted as a test bed for us to write about other games we were interested in, and we've had a great time with it! Now, however, as our tastes broaden- we've decided that splitting our brand has been complicated and difficult. Growing and maintaining both was proving to be a challenge, and so it's time to combine. We're bringing Outpost Zero back under the WWPD banner, and opening up the field here at WWPD.

While we will still have plenty of Flames of War articles, you can now expect more diverse content alongside those articles. It also means we plan to ramp up the number of articles posted every week- so check back every single day! Exciting times ahead!

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