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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Zis 6 Truck

The Zis 6 was a general purpose soviet 6 x 4 truck which was built from 1933 onwards and may be better known as the vehicle that was first to mount the multiple launchers (Katyusha).

In Bolt Action it is classified as a normal truck and has the following stats:

Inexperienced - 31 Points
Regular - 39 Points
Veteran - 47 Points

Weapons - None
Damage Value - 6+
Transport capacity - Up to 12 men
Tow - Light Howitzer, Light or medium AT, Light or medium AA

May add a pintle-mounted MMG for 15 points

Warlord Games have one for sale for 17 Pounds and I recently had the opportunity to assemble and paint one. The Kit comes in a number of parts being the chassis, wheels, tray, doors, roof, driver and accessories.

The chassis was warped when I first looked at it but this is something that should not make you panic as a quick submersion on warm water will soften the resin and allow you to straighten it.The rest of the parts were of high quality and the vehicle was able to be assembled easily and without issue. This is a big change for anyone who has put together one of the older Opel Blitz trucks so clearly Warlord Games have improved in quality.

I painted it using some AK olive drab colours for the metalwork and a parasite brown for the tray. AK washes were used to weather the vehicle and some chipping was added to make it look used.

Overall I rate this truck very highly and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their transport capacity for either the Russians or as a captured one for the Germans. My only negative is that I would love to have some scattered cargo to throw around the tray and an MMG to mount on the roof.


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