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Monday, August 31, 2015

Transition Time for Betty, the Boys and BoltAction.Net

By Judson

It is a time of transition at BoltAction.Net.

That doesn't mean we're throwing an improvised anti-tank charge into your tracks from inches away, though! What it means, in simplest terms, is that articles relating to Bolt Action or 28mm Second World War gaming will appear on, and the web address will redirect readers to Read below for more details, and a short thank you.

As of the publication of this article, www.BoltAction.Net will cease to independently publish articles. Truth be told, it never had been "independently" publishing articles. Throughout her existence, Betty and her BoltAction.Net home have been what I'd less-than-humbly offer a big part of the WWPD Network, but never officially separate from it. At various times through the years, ties between the site and her mother network have varied in strength and significance, but have existed regardless. These currently stronger than ever ties are just a part of the reason for the content merger.

The other reason, bluntly put, is that Warlord Games has ceased to provide many of the authors you've come to know with the necessary material to maintain a significant stream of creative content about the hobby.

Years ago, I mentioned in passing to a friend from the gaming community - one you'd probably recognize - that I was mildly interested in an upcoming game I'd heard about called Bolt Action. (Thanks again for the opportunity, Steven, because the ride's been amazing!) Since that fateful Historicon years ago, I've made a ton of new friends thanks to this shared hobby, and many of the closest are now writing all of the articles you've recently seen published under Betty's image. To everyone, but particularly those fantastic people, I'd like to confirm that all the same content you've come to expect will still be published here. The forum and community isn't going anywhere.

The transition needs to happen, though. In order for the content to flow steadily to the readers, the forces behind Flames of War, Bolt Action, and everything else need to combine their efforts as interest shifts. I'd love nothing more than to announce today that Warlord Games has formally announced x, y, and z interesting new products that will keep us interested and creating original content for the foreseeable future, but that's not happening. Warlord Games seems to have shifted its focus to other product lines. This occurred after releasing an amazing and innovative first edition rules set that provided them with the kind of visibility necessary to propel sales of their WWII miniature line and launch these other projects. It would seem that they're satisfied with this final position for my beloved Bolt Action, but the numerous issues discussed at greater than necessary length here has left it in an unsatisfactory final position for me and many others.

In order to stay positive and interested in the gaming hobby, I've obviously moved into several other titles, genres, and types of games. Many friends have as well, rather than maintaining a nearly exclusive arrangement with Bolt Action. Since this aligns perfectly with the hobby habits of almost everyone I associate with through WWPD, it only makes sense to me for BoltAction.Net to join the general gaming stream that is the content of WWPD - but I'll leave the mothership's direction speech to the appropriate parties!

Suffice to say, from now on, head to for the 28mm WWII gaming content you're looking for! The team involved with will continue to work as before, but the destination for their work has changed.

Once again, thanks to everyone for all the experiences and memories. I'll see you around over at

- Judson

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