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Friday, August 21, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 300pt Advanced Gunnery

Once again, Sean and I hit the lab! This time, I decided to try a Rebel list with lots of Y-Wings! Sean tests an all Gladiator build, and we roll on! The mission is Advanced Gunnery.

Read on for the full Battle Report!

 My fleet with a heavy focus on Y-Wings came out to 297.

While Sean's came in at 299. This time Sean went for all Gladiators- a 180 from his previous all VSD outing!

I elected to go first, and chose Jaina's Light to be the Advanced Gunnery ship. Sean chose Demolisher.

Setup is complete.

All craft accelerate to attack speed!

Green and Gold squadrons escort the Assault Frigates.

A pack of wolves approaches.

Turn two.

The school of fish hooks to the right to avoid the worst of the Gladiators on the left.

Y-Wings pounce!

Y Wings and Guppies tear into Admiral Screed's flagship...

Jaina's light rams the bow into the flagship to bring her down!

Turn four(ish?)

The Y-Wings have now been left behind, but continue to pour damage into the enemy Glads.

One of the Gladiators gets nailed by a long range, obstructed shot!

At the very end of the turn, Demolisher swoops in and brings down Mon Mothma's ship!

The final dead tally: 
Gladiator Star Destroyer (56) + Screed (24) + Assault Concussion Missiles (7)
Gladiator Star Destroyer (56) + Assault Concussion Missiles (7) + Insidious (3)
Total: 153

Assault Frigate Mk II B (72) + Mon Mothma (30) + Gunnery Team (7)
Total: 109

A marginal Rebel victory by 44 points.

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