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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Historicon Convention Report and Pic Dump

By The Guys

Historicon is great, every year we get to go, see friends from around the country, meet new friends from both near and far and play in a ton of games.

2015 was no different and attendance was up this year signaling good things ahead for this hall mark historical gaming event.

Of course, all the regular bits you've come to expect were there, the Flames Doubles Tournament and Early War Nationals, the Podcast, the booze, the vendors hall and flea market and of course, tons of historical events and random gaming. 

Historicon feels like a home coming, hanging with our extended gamer family. So here, have some pics and enjoy, vicariously possibly, the great fun that was had this year. 

Early War Doubles

All the Japanese in the house say Yeah!

Luke gets serious

Throck's beard dominates the board.

Team Delaware looks for glory

Kato and Jeff look far more serious than we're used to.

Mitch dislikes the paparazzi.

But Jeff doesn't!

This team is the Best(s)!

Representing the female gaming component of Flames, a population of approximately 1. We've really got to do something about that.

All the way from England... Or perhaps Patagonia?

Luke prays to the Gamer Gods in his own special way. But sadly, to no avail.

Some one isn't happy with their performance...

That's more like the Jeff and Kato we know!

The biggest beer Throck ever saw

Needless to say he was excited, and a little terrified.

German food just doesn't stop!

But the beer was defeated! And Throck was well and truly Drunk! Ask him about the Orange Whip's when you get a chance.

 Early War Nationals

Did someone say Japanese cavalry?

I think they did, and they look great!

Beute the everything!

Best Painted Army, Japanese Cavalry:

 Other gaming goodness
Watch out for those propellers friend.

Who WOULDN'T want to game on that table?

I wonder what's in that box? Probably nothing.

Game night is every night!
With Heroes of Normandie

Lords of Waterdeep

Star Wars Armada

Even more Star Wars Armada

Did I mention we were playing Star Wars Armada a lot?

A cool shirt or a sly reference to one of our podcasts? Or both!?

Oh yeah, we played some Armada as well.


It was a great year folks and we hope to see you again, next year, in Fredericksburg!

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