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Monday, August 24, 2015

Dust up Ridge! Panzer Grenadiers Vs US Armored Rifles

 By Eric Lauterbach

Bob Everson and I decided to brush up on our Mid-war Flames of War in preparation for the Guns of August Tournament we would be running. The points would be 1650 and the table would be an Italy or Sicily style. Bob loves the US Armored Rifles -- they have everything and it is a go to army for him.

His list was Shermans, M10s, 2 Armored Rifle platoons, Priests and some Recon. I, on the other hand, had some brand new Panzer IIIs that had never been used. So I made a Panzer Grenadiers list from Eastfrontlist to fit them in. It included 2 PzGren platoons in trucks, 2 Pak 50, Tiger, Panzer IIIs with two "J" and two "G", Nebs, and Aufklarungs in tracks. The mission would be dust up. I tried something different with the terrain mixing my desert stuff with green to make a dry Mediterranean look.

The Ridge.

My Tiger Ace skill is clever Hans, which sucks (ed note: I disagree!) might as well start in woods.

 Tiger Woods.

 Two objectives in the valley.

 Americans down there.

 On table I have 1 PzGren, Tiger, Panzer IIIs, and Pak 50s.

 US has 1 ARP, M10s, and Arty.

 The crew was out getting a smoke.

 US objectives.

 Deployment done time for turn one.

 Tiger gets a 40" shot on a Priest hits it and just bails.

 US slide down hill.

 Germans turn one

 US Turn the take the dominant woods.

 German turn two I press the Panzer IIIs forward.

 I didn't think he would pop the M10s for these guys when the Tiger was also threatening.

 I was wrong.

 M10s dropping in.

 My new Panzer IIIs about to be shot in the face!

 Well at least the Tiger now knows where they are.

 This is going to hurt.

 Two dead.

One Bailed. 
 Well so much for my new unit, now I've got to pass the morale check, which I fail but the CO is close.

And he saves the day, at least I get to play with these guys another turn.

 German turn: no reserves show.

 Time to shoot back.

 Nine shots and we only kill one M10....ouch.

 Hah.. Bob shoots just as bad on his turn.

 The M10s have give the Panzer IIIs a third chance. 

 The Panzer IIIs and the Pak 50s finish off the M10s.

 Tiger did nothing.

 The US get reserves and sneak up on a Pak 50 killing it dead.

Panzer IIIs are the Gazelle of the Serengeti hunted by everybody.

 I need to get the Panzer IIIs out of there or the Shermans will eat them alive.

Those Shermans need to be checked, here comes the Tiger to the rescue.

 German reserves show up.

Panzer IIIs blow the stormtroop move and can't get to cover.

The Shermans find their prey.

 ARP shows up from reserves

 Wow a lot of .50 cals back here. All the Germans can do is keep the Priests busy.

 I wanted to move the Panzer IIIs over the ridge but Bob blocked my path.

 The last Panzer III J dies now all I have is crappy "G" but it does pass morale.

 Tiger misses the Sherman

 Pak 50 on the ridge does get a highly unlikely kill on a Sherman though.

 PzGrens can't deal with these guys too much firepower to assault.

Trying to maneuver into some cover to at least try bails not coming from MG fire.

 The last Gazelle is hunted down and eaten by the predators.

 I tried an assault and failed the tank terror now they have turned on me.

 Tiger misses again! But the MG teams open up a ton of fire on the ARP getting ready to assault pinning them.

 My threat to his objectives are gone and now the Priest will start pounding me.

 The PzGrens keep pinning the ARP, who are prepping to assault me.

 Bob has decided to finish off my weak platoons.

 At this point we are well over 2 and half hours and I don't know how many turns.
this would have ended in a draw if it was tournament play.

 I want to win or lose on my own terms so I pull the Tiger out to fight the other direction and score a long range hit on a Priest...and bail...again.

 The ARP is still pinned so I have at least one more turn.

 Bob goes into finish off my Nebs.

 I take the Tiger and go for the objective.

 Germans win the assault but the US will be back.

 The Tiger gets bounced out and off the objective.

With the Tiger now gone the Shermans go on the attack.

 Tiger threatens the other objective but the damn Priests are back but can't really hurt the Tiger.

 Tiger shoots and.... Bails another Priest again.

The Shermans finish off the Panzer Grenadiers and take the objective.

 Then they go to Naples and celebrate! 

Pretty close and fun game I would totally change the German list I played If I had spent the lousy 5 points to upgrade the Sdkfz 250 with a 3.7cm gun I think I could have won the game and killed the Priests holding the objective from my Aufklarungs platoon.

Eric can be heard with Jon, Luke and Steve on the WWPD Podcast claiming Churchill tanks suck. 

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