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Friday, August 14, 2015

DAK German Infantry vs British Infantry in Tunisia

 By Eric Lauterbach

I met Bob Everson at the Game Vault for a quick Flames of War game. We both whipped up some quick lists from North Africa for a Tunisia battle. I had two fat DAK infantry platoons, two platoons of four Marders, Nebs, and a Tiger.  He had two platoons of Brit Infantry, two platoons of Churchill tanks, 25lb Battery, and a platoon of 17lb/25 AT guns.
 We decided just to play Free-for-all to get the ball rolling quick.

Bob placed his 17lb AT guns in the middle to dominate the board I had to do something about that. 

 All the Marders go after two AT guns and pick off one.
 Problem: fail a stormtroop and have bad day.

 Bob advances on both flanks

 The Marders who failed stormtroop pay the price.

 Churchills on the right flank attacking.

 The Tiger gets a Churchill on the left flank.

 The Marders go Right and Tiger to the left Flank to counter the Churchill threat.

Marders shoot 32" Churchills 24" time to find the sweet spot.

 Bob's Churchills want no part of the Tiger and double time out of there.

Marders bounce a bunch shots of these guys while the pick on the German infantry.

 The Churchills and the Brit Infantry are really shooting up the German Infantry.

 The German infantry screen is keeping the Churchills back out of range from the Marders.

 A couple of bad die rolls and the Marders finally strike home.

 Tiger starts chasing Brit tanks.

 Churchill passes motivation.

Tiger is now smoked every turn.

 German infantry move up in case the Churchill is bailed.

Marders finally get him. 

 Bob's Infantry shoot up the guys no longer dug in and the die hard.

 Germans go on the offensive.

 With no tank support the Brits pull back.

 German advance time to finish off the ATGs.

The 17lb kills a Marder but the other two get him.

 The Tiger kills the other 17lb gun from long range with a really lucky shot, but the Churchills blast the Marders and force a morale check and run.

The Tiger is able to catch the exposed Churchills that killed the Marders and pick off one and the other ran.  At this point it was obvious all the Tiger had to do was drive over to the objective and curb stomp the four stands of British Infantry that were left so we called it 4-3 to the Germans.

Tarzan ride Tiger hard!

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