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Monday, August 31, 2015

Bolt Action - The Morining After: Old Man Morin Responds...

By: Old Man Morin

The last 24 hour hours have been interesting in the bunker. In case you missed it, Commodore Judson posted his thoughts about the direction of Bolt Action in his explaining why was merging with WWPD. Since then, let’s just say… The internet has been hot with feedback, questions and criticism.

I am here to set the record straight and clarify some serious misconceptions that some people have had regarding the post and… well…. Us.

To begin with, it is important to acknowledge that the staff at are unpaid fans of the game and there are a lot of us. Each us of have our own thoughts and opinions regarding life, love and Bolt Action. While I may not entirely agree with all of Jud’s points, I can definitely see where he is coming from.

One of the main crux’s of Jud’s article is Warlord’s lack of support. Time to clarify, as quite a few people have misread his comments.  A majority of us here have played the game since literally day 1 (or before in some cases). In the early days of BA, it was easy to get excited about a balanced (by comparison to lots of other wargames) game system written by two veteran rules developers that was being sold at a reasonable price point set in WW2. The “Armies Of” came out in quick succession without the codex creep that we had come to expect from other known game systems, we came together as a crew and lots of fun was had by all. It has now been well over a year and a half since the last “Armies of” book and many veteran players are starting to get frustrated.

One of Warlord's fantastic Soviet Trucks
Now, let me be clear, Warlord has never slowed down in its production of fantastic WW2 models. The quality of these models and the quality of Warlord’s customer service has only improved over time, which given the growth of the game, is saying something.  Warlord has also been fantastic about supporting events, clubs and conventions with staff and prize support from day dot. This is a BIG deal in the climate of today’s gaming industry. Warlord staff and game writers have also come onto podcasts, written articles and appeared on Youtube video’s interacting with us, the general public. Again a huge deal in today’s gaming world. Warlord has also released a successful line of follow up campaign books to support Bolt Action. These are great for a great number of historically minded gamers (who are an important part of our wonderful community).  But here in lies some of the trouble.

Many of us have been playing the same game with the same army lists for years.  Frustrations about this situation led to a group of gamers within group to seek out feedback from the community on a whole about what they would like to see changed in the game and unsurprisingly the few suggestions that came in were minor tweaks to encourage players to use more historically accurate equipment like LMG’s and halftracks. We created the .Net rules pack using these changes. Using feedback from tournaments on 4 continents over 6 months we revised this set of rules and it now stands in Season 2. This was done not to be critical of the game that we pour countless hours and dollars into. It was done to freshen up the way that people approached the game. To make army list building fun and interesting again. We believe that it has succeeded in this goal and if you have not looked seriously at these rules, we encourage you to examine them.

Even so, some of you have noticed that Bolt Action Radio has gone on hiatus. The BAR guys are amongst a group of us within the ranks that are not “over” Bolt Action per se, but are taking a break until something else happens game wise. Remember there has not even been a rules FAQ in quite a while. This is not all of us at as a whole however, The Ghost Army Podcast has had two episodes of late and plan to record again soon. You might have also noticed that a great many of us still regularly post articles, youtube movies, and articles on our website and on our Facebook page. This will not stop.

Now, to those of you on the Warlord forums (I am not talking about Warlord staff here) who are spouting rubbish about the merge with WWPD, let me be clear. We have always been under the WWPD umbrella. We are merging with WWPD prime because we (all the sub branches) as a network are doing so. has always had strong listener and reader numbers (which still continue to grow). We are merging to alleviate the stresses of running a pile of feeds of articles at once.  The network has its highest numbers of followers ever in recent months with the popularity of Bolt Action, Star Wars Armada, Saga and countless other games. That said we also stay true to our roots and continue to support Flames Of War. We are not going anywhere. We love gaming and we hope to grow the gaming community as a whole. Not just individual subcultures.

One interesting thing that has come from this mess is that Andy (A Warlord Admin) has stated on the
Warlord forums that 2016 will be a BIG year for Bolt Action. I, for one, am over the moon to hear this. It is easy to despair about the state of the union when Warlord are releasing and supporting a number of other game systems. As a former corporate sales guy for Games Workshop I understand that a games company needs to differentiate its portfolio to maintain financial success. I get it buuuuuuuuuuut as a gamer… I am very excited to hear that 2016 will be a BIG year for BA.  I am also very excited for the forthcoming Empires in Flames (Pacific War Book) as it looks to contain the first real Bolt Action army list in years. China. Those of you following my work on our Facebook page will know that I am hard at work hammering out an army so it is ready to play the foul Japanese invaders on day one.

In a gaming environment where some games are outright cancelled or outright destroyed, leaving countless angry and resentful gamers (Warhammer Fantasy Battle) we should remember several important factors. We play a great game, it is supported in a number of awesome ways by Warlord games, annnnnd most importantly the future is bright in the Bolt Action universe.

Til Next Time…

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