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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Attack of the Cavalry Brigade! Sword and the Flame Battle in the Sudan.

 By Eric Lauterbach

Sword and the Flame Colonial Battles in the Sudan! One of my all time favorites and something we hardly play any more. Bob Rossi has so much Cavalry its ridiculous, so we designed a scenario around it.  The Cavalry Brigade has been sent forward to secure a vital village with water for the advancing army. Time is of the essence it must be seized before the Mahdist can destroy the wells. In true charge of the Light Brigade fashion the Commander moved out front and prepared to charge the position. The Mahdi's warriors not fearing death were ready for the infidels. They had a cannon hidden ready to give them a surprise!

The Brigade forms up for the attack.

The Camel Corp bring up the rear.

Where are the Mahdis?

The Fuzzys prepare for battle.

The pickets return, Bob remembers he has one more troop!


Rifle fire picking off a few Lancers.

Camel Corp to protect the baggage.

A few horses are killed and riders attack on foot.

The Lancers strike home but to many have straggled or been killed on the way in.

Mahdi Cavalry prepare to attack

Its about to get ugly

Lancers charge the works!

The defended position is tough nut to crack.

Most of the Mahdi Cavalry are dead and the Lancers continue on into the warriors.

Charges all over the place!

Desperate Hand to Hand.

The Lancers pull back not being able to hack through all the dense Mahdis. 

Time to form up and go in again!

Lots of morale checks.

Lots of empty saddles.

And then ... I got a call from school that my kid barfed and I have to go pick him up.  So we did not get to complete the game. It was looking really bad for the British my dice were cold and hitting large units of Infantry with Cavalry that are only 12 riders is not that great.  The weight of numbers is hard to work through without losing a lot troopers.

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