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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Copplestone Castings Chinese Infantry and Cavalry

Hey Gang,

Many of you following the Facebook page have seen my WIP progress shots over the last week, as I prepare my new WW2 Chinese forces for painting. Enough people have asked where I got the models that I thought I would share the treasure that is Copplestone Castings's Chinese range.

As a child, I grew up hopping around Asia with my parents. While we spent most of our time in Japan, we did spend a considerable period of time in China as well. In fact, my father and I spent an interesting 6 weeks in China under martial law in 1987 after the Tianamen Square incident and subsequent crackdown (but that is another story). As a result, although Japan has always been my true love, China has always fascinated me. The fact that Japan invaded China in the early 1930's and that this conflict eventually spilled over into WW2 means that Chinese forces should indeed be included in the "Bolt Action Universe." With the "Empires in Flames" pacific theatre book next in line in the BA line up, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get in early (for a change) and have an army ready as a new army list comes out.

Now Copplestone Castings is a company that I had heard about over the years as a war gamer. And though I had heard good things, I had never played a game in the time period of their models... unit now. Their Back Of Beyond range includes a fantastic 1930's era Chinese army that fit my purposes exactly. In a moment of weakness I decided it was time to take a gamble.

Gamble you may ask? Warlord has not released their Chinese army list yet so I don't know if the Chinese National Rules are any good (given that their PDF special rules are... limiting). I also don't know what units will be good in the new book. Sooo, I got what looked good and what I thought sounded cool background wise. Basically I picked up 40 riflemen and one of just about everything else.

The prices are a little steep compared to some other manufactures but the quality of the miniatures is exceptional! The detailing on the models is finite and there are lots of straps, pouches and folds to paint up nicely. Models have clear and proportioned faces and hands.

The casting of every model in the lot was crisp and clean. There were maybe 5 out of 70 models that had what I might call excessive mold lines but I was able to clean and prepare the entire army in the span of a few hours.

Shipping took a little while but given the distance from the UK to Australia, I am fine with that.

 They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I love these models and I hope you can see why from these closeups.

I would recommend this line of models to anyone looking to get into a slightly off kilter Bolt Action army. Their price is absolutely worth it.

I have since handed this army over to our good friend Enzo from the Green Berets. I will share his WIP shots as he works on painting this army in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more Chinese rules, forces, history, and discussion in the next few Ghost Army Podcasts and on our Facebook page.

Til next time,

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