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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: Farlander vs Vader

I was excited to show Andrew X-Wing! I made two basic lists on the fly (aiming for 80 points to keep it a bit small), and let him choose which he wanted to fly.

He chose the Rebels - I could tell the Force was strong with this one.

Disclaimer: No, I have no idea what I am doing with X-Wing! I'm sure these lists are laughably awful for halfway decent competitive players, but I'm not going down that road with X-Wing! That's what Armada is for!

Lists built with the EXCELLENT Squadron Builder at

The awesome asteroids are by Use the code "IFF2015" to get 10% off!
 Imperial fighters line up! Asteroids are from (Use the Code IFF2015 to save 10%!).

 Vader follows the Royal Guard TIE closely as they approach the Rebels.

 Farlander targets the Alpha Squad TIE Interceptor.

 Turn two is ready to roll! Andrew is getting a handle on how the game works, and the music is swelling. Good to be back in the X-Wing saddle!

 Farlander is a beast!

 He tears the Alpha Squadron TIE Interceptor to pieces! Ouch!

 Vader and the Royal Guard line up on the A-Wing.


 The Red Squadron pilot turns a tight corner around an asteroid.

 Farlander annihilates the remaining Interceptor!

 Vader successfully evades his hunters for the next several turns.

The cat and mouse game is seriously fun! Vader dishes out some substantial damage. At one point (and these quick turns of maneuvers were not well documented) he managed to nab Farlander for two turns in a row and strip his shields away.

But in the end, he finally slipped up and the Red Squadron pilot got him.

Awesome! Andrew won his very first game of X-Wing, and I got Force choked by the Emperor!

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