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Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Tournament Diet

By Matt MacKenzie

With warmer weather, a growing list of things around the house that need your attention, do you have time for tournament war gaming?

Read on and find out how you can still get the most out of your competitive spirit during the summer!

There comes a point where sometimes you have to look at the busy life you lead and wonder if you have the time to fit it all in. Once the winter blahs are gone and the sun of Spring turns into Summer sweat, playing games indoors may not be on your radar. Playing tournaments present problems all on their own. Long weekends, vacation time, and spending time with family, it all plays a part in your ability to get away with your army and crush your opponent on the virtual felt.

Simple things in the winter, like painting and preparing your army might be a little harder to do once the warmer weather rolls around. Maybe you have a deck to stain or a tree fort to build instead!! Put down the brushes!

Sealing the deal takes hard work and a lot of commitment to place at an event. Maybe you don't have enough time to practice your list or you're just not into the period that the event is running. Although collecting some more Flames of War swag off the prize table is pretty sweet!

Thinning down to play in tournaments is a simple process. It won't take too much time away from family and friends, it'll be easy on the wallet and you can still get to your local or state event without worries! Just follow these simple steps. I guarantee a fun summer tournament schedule with minimal impact on everything else going on around you!

Play in a doubles event! The fact you have a partner, you'll be able to use half the amount of models. It's also a great chance to play 'with' friends, instead of asking them how bad they got beat during the short breaks in between games.

Dust off some of your older armies, you likely have something tucked away that was a lot of work to put together a few years back. Just because it's not the latest and greatest list, or features anything out the new book, doesn't mean it's not fun to play. Above is my Mid-War Australian Divisional Cavalry out of 'North Africa'. A tough list to secure victory with!

'Thin To Win' is the easiest advice to follow going into a summer event. Make a list up of a few tanks, some Recce and maybe an airplane for a support option. Along with some dice and your rulebook, this makes for a lightweight solution that won't leave you feeling sluggish come tournament time.

Saving your money, paint when it's raining and putting your new army ideas aside until the winter months. Wouldn't you rather be out flying spaceships with your son or checking out a museum with your friends? You don't have to give it all up to have fun, just shelf it once in a while to do some other things. You'll enjoy it a lot more if you don't put so much stress on doing something new every time there is an event right around the corner.

Matt 'ViciousEgo' MacKenzie has been interested in WW2 and gaming since a teenager. He regularly contributes to, is retired on weekends and is a host of  Dice Devils Podcast, a Canadian look at FoW and other gaming.

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