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Friday, July 24, 2015

Star Wars - Armada and X-Wing Sleeved Damage Deck Holders Review and Contest!


When I picked up Fantasy Flight's American Mini Card Sleeves for my small Armada cards, I was a bit disappointed how think they made them all. For the upgrade cards, that really wasn't a problem, but for the damage decks, they became a bit unwieldy. Frankly, the smooth surface meant the cards had a bad habit of sliding all over, but all was not lost!

After a bit of research, I came across Robert Bogdon's Etsy page with lots of 3d printed stuff for the FFG Star Wars games! At $6.99 a pop, I figured- why not?

Honestly, there isn't much to say! They're sturdy, they hold the cards well, they look cool on the table, and they didn't break the bank. I grabbed two since I am usually hosting games (these deck holders were quite useful at Historicon where the booze is flowing freely and eight people were playing with my Armada stuff at any given time!).

After contacting Robert, he did several very kind things: First, I ordered another set of damage decks specifically for X-Wing (which are the same idea, just a little shorter) and he tossed in a replacement so I could have a black and a red holder for each game. Secondly, he included four additional Armada damage deck holders as giveaways - more on that in a second! Finally, like our very good friends at, he included a coupon code for Intensify Forward Firepower listeners to get 20% off his products! Use IFF2015 when checking out! Awesome!

Verdict: For $7, you're silly not to buy one... knock 20% more off and you've got an Armada stew goin'! (What does this have to do with soup? - DT)
Okay! Okay! I just wanted you to read my review of his awesome deck holders before getting to the contest, alright? So here it is!

As the fellows do on the podcast, your task is to come up with your best Star Wars 80s song parodies (note- we're all Weird Al fans, so don't even try it!). Post them on the IFF Podcast's Facebook page, on our forum, on the FFG forum in an IFF thread, or anywhere we're known to haunt! After posting it there, please also e-mail your entry to When we record our first episode post-Gencon, we'll read the entries we really liked, and choose four winners! 

Please keep the lyrics to no more than four lines, and keep them clean! It'd also be helpful to know what song it is, so we can sing it.

Alright, that's it! Contest, discounts, and a quick review- what more do you people want? Skyshuffler out. (Lookin' forward to singing some "lucky" entries you submit! - DT)

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!

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