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Monday, July 13, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Opening Salvo

The two fleets dropped out of Hyperspace almost directly on top of each other. Mon Mothma frowned- she wasn't sure if the Rebels were ready for a battle, but the crews were trigger happy and ready to go.  Across from her, the Veteran Admiral Screed grinned at the holo-display. "Finally, the Scum show themselves. All hands to battle stations!"

Full disclosure: By the time I am writing this, this game was so long ago I don't remember who was player I or who chose the objective. I THINK I was player 2 and had Opening Salvo in my list of objectives (Steven- playing Rebels)

The fleets deploy!
And are on top of each other almost immediately.

TIEs swarm an Assault Frigate, but the opening broadsides are devastating!

One of the Glads must perform a maneuver that keeps it from colliding with both the Assault Frigate AND an asteroid- at the cost of driving right into a debris field!

The fire is intense!

One of the Gladiators goes down hard.

But the first Assault Frigate finally succumbs to fire from the TIEs and Star Destroyer. Mon Mothma sighs and takes a moment to mourn before calmly dispatching orders. Admiral Screed grins, wrings his hands, and hisses to his bridge crew "Now let's put down the other one."

Against orders, Leia and Tantive IV make a bold strafing run on Screed's VSD. Combined with fire from Mon Mothma's Flagship, the Rebels erupt in a cheer when the Star Destroyer suddenly lists to Starboard as internal explosions begin wrenching their way outward. Escape pods eject from the decaying vessel, but the Rebels know they don't have much time before more Imperial show up.

Tantive IV slips around the hulk of the Victory Star Destroyer, and rejoins the fleet before jumping to lightspeed.

Demolisher gives chase to Tantive IV, and decimates the rear section of the ship, but Captain Antilles keeps her afloat, and they are able to make the jump under their own power!

In the end, the Rebels eke out a victory with a margin of around 58. 

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