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Monday, July 27, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 400 point Superior Positions

Mon Mothma paced the bridge of her command ship. She smiled at some of the crew, trying to calm their nerves as reports from probes were coming in, indicating an Imperial defense fleet was on its way. Mon Mothma was confident in the starships in her task force- three stout Assault Frigates, and two recently defected Nebulon Bs. The crews, however, were mostly green and untested. She did not know that the Imperial task force en route was led by Admiral Screed himself- a veteran of many wars and a man with a vile reputation.

Mission: Superior Positions. Rebels Player One. Imperials Player Two.
3D terrain by Space-Rocks. Use "IFF2015" to save 10%!

The Rebel fleet spread out some, awaiting the arrival of the Imperials. The moment the four Imperial ships exited hyperspace, TIE Bombers began spilling forth from the belly of Corruptor. When Imperial scanners revealed the lack of a Rebel fighter screen, they held their TIE fighters back.

Mon Mothma cursed that the Fighters were given another crucial assignment- being left without fighter support made them vulnerable to the Bombers, but the Nebulons' point defense systems might be enough to protect the fleet.

"Rhymer to Corruptor actual. Attack vectors locked in. Scopes up. Warheads hot."

"This is it! Let's show them the error of their ways! All craft increase to attack speed!" Mon Mothma's voice echoed through the bulkheads of her command ship.

Demolisher and Vindicator II navigate an asteroid field as crews load the missile tubes.

An assault frigate, previously hiding in a debris field, navigates the terrain as its engines come to life. Screed smiles at his tactical readout, "Think they have the jump on me, do they? All power to forward batteries. Divert life support from the lower decks."

The ships slowly crawl into range. The Rebels fire first, wildly missing the mark. Mon Mothma winces as the green gunnery teams fire before receiving an order.

Demolisher suddenly speeds up, and catches the rear Assault frigate by surprise. Missiles tear into her port side moments after TIE bomber torpedoes knock her shields down.

"Keep on them. Focus on the command ship" Screed calmly tells his gunners.

The Assault Frigates expose their broadsides to the Star Destroyers' fore batteries.

Mon Mothma reaches her escape pod only moments before her ship rends itself in two. She frowns as she watches the battle unfold out of the port-hole. As her ship goes down, the Rebel fleet begins acting erratically as panic sets in.

Demolisher fires into the other Assault Frigate. The ship is listing but still afloat. "Accelerate to maximum speed," the commander of the Demolisher growls as he braces himself for impact. The double prow of the Gladiator Star Destroyer tears into the rear of the Assault Frigate, rending its engine away from the main hull. Demolisher pulls itself free from the wreckage moments before massive explosions tear down the Assault Frigate's keel.

Meanwhile Rhymer's bombers begin tearing into the Nebulon Bs who are both hurting severely.

"All craft jump to hyperspace!" Both Nebulons attempt to make the jump- one is disabled and recaptured by the Empire.

Screed stares coldly at the Star Field as the second Nebulon and remaining Assault Frigate snap out of sight. "Sir, the Rebels are fleeing- what are your orders?"

"Recall the fighters. Bring us about, and prepare to pursue."

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