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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Huzzah Hobbies 1390 EW Tournament Report

By The Gang

This past weekend, we rolled up to Huzzah Hobbies for a 1390 Early War tournament hosted by my man Scott Simoneau.  This was a pretty small affair, but we did get to hang out with a ton of our Flames of War friends, which was great!

Throck's beautiful Japanese tank army.

Chris Jacques and his British.  He isn't completely finished painting these - word has it that he was spraying models at 4:30am the morning of the tournament.

Luke with his pretty balanced Japanese Infantry.

A complete look at Throck's Japanese. (Yeah, he had to proxy some infantry because he's a lazy painter)

The Russian hordes showed up.  That is a LOT of heavy tanks for 1390.  Ugh.

Tim Grimmett (Grim Timmett!) has his Russians, slightly modified for this event.

A closer look at Luke's Japanese.  Our boy SonBae painted up some of this for him.

Hungarian Cav? What?

These models look great!

This is Scott's ringer army that did not get to play.

Ben Gobel went with big German tanks.  At 1390, this is hard to pull off.

The crowd chatting with Scott about the tournament.  Team Gobel on the right with Scott "I'm Not a Gobel" McLemore, Ben and Chris Gobel.

Dirty Jon's First Game
I got matched up against Chris Gobel in round 1.  This would be a challenge for me, as four of his tanks were basically immune to my ground troops.  I got one good chance with the planes, but Chris made some nice armor saves.  From this point, I was delaying for victory as the Defender.

This bombing run kills one Valentine.  Gah, not enough.

I ran toward his objective with the Pz 38ts to try to pin down some of his troops.  It worked!

Stick and move, stick and move.  I made a LOT of saves, both armor and Morale.

This is what the 38ts kept pinned down.

The plane claims another victim, but Chris makes his Platoon Morale check.

Slowly picking off tanks and infantry.

Oops!  The German 2iC is caught and killed but the infantry.

Whiff!  I had a chance to kill the CiC of the Russians.  We played about 15 turns and Chris got me with about 10 minutes left.  6-1 for Chris.

Dirty Jon's Second Game
Bill had the Dutch with a ton of platoons.  Apparently, these guys are pretty cheap!  He defended in Hold the Line.

Bill gets set up.  He had 9 platoons, and put three on the board and one in Ambush.  Two arty platoons and AAA on the board, with 2 armored cars in Ambush.

Between Recce moves and double-timing, I got all over the objective very quickly.  Bill sprung his Ambush to keep the objective contested, but both armored cars got hammered by basically my entire army.

Bill did get some reinforcements and moved them up quickly.  I used the plane to pin them, and of course they did not unpin.

The Germans are in firm control of the objective - things look grim for the Dutch.

In the end, Bill could not get his guys up there fast enough.  I think putting the back objective in the middle and deploying some infantry might have helped.  6-1 for me.

I took a quick break to go look at Luke playing Tim - I call this "Zombies vs. Wraiths" because of the Japanese and Russian special rules.

This is how I remember who I played these days.  Shut up.  I took no pictures of this - I was tired.  Chris and I had a pretty good game, but both of us were in "F-It!" mode.  I think this ended up a 5-2 for me in Fair Fight.

Let's have a pic dump!

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