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Friday, July 3, 2015

Chain of Command German Infantry vs US Infantry

 By Eric Lauterbach

Bob Rossi and I found time recently to get in game of Chain of Command with Bob's new American army.

The forces were a standard US Infantry force vs a German Infantry force since Bob and I were rather new to the game, so we did not add a lot of extras.

The table was set and away we went, thanks to the fabulous buildings Joe Moore left at Bob's house we had some good buildings to fight over.

The Germans moved out first on the patrol phase coming from the board edge.  I wanted to get to the middle wood but Bob beat me to it. I had a good jump off points on both flanks.  Bob had jump off points in the courtyard of one house, in the large field. and one in the alleyway.  With that set we moved out....

 Bob jumped right off in the field and went to overwatch.

 The Germans deployed in the center house.

 The Germans deploy in the second house and pop some shots at the US behind the wall.

 Another US squad in the courtyard.

 Bob's hitting me waaaay more than he should.

 Germans are taking shock from the fire.
 Germans return fire from this house.

 Germans pop their last squad and take some over-watch fire from the flank.

 Germans deal some damage to the US infantry.

 The woods are now a bad position.

 Sporadic fire from these guys.

 The Squad leader gets shot and the platoon takes more shock.

 Bob is dice whipping the crap out of me.

 With Bob's blazing dice the guys in the blue house are getting pasted.

 The Germans gotta run out of that woods and find better cover before they get pinned.

 Dragging their wounded leader the squad takes some cover in the back.

 One of the US squads is at least pretty beat up.

 The last of the house fighters.... and then...

 All Gone!  this building must have been made of paper!

 With the German firepower slacked considerable the US move out!

 The US go on a general advance.

 The Germans have two squads one in good shape and one beat up and one broken.

 Americans creep up on the house.

 PzSchrek Pot shot!

 Americans set up for the assault.

 Germans go on overwatch we hear them outside!

 Germans blast the US in the face as they try and break in.

 We both have terrible assault dice but Germans do throw the US back.

 The US slinks back to the woods.

 Time for the immediate German Counter attack! 

Bob's hot dice return and the counter attacks goes very very bad breaking the German Platoon force morale to a two.  We call it. US Victory!

"Tarzan out"

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