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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 400 point Intel Sweep vs R1H4

R1H4 and Steve Skyshuffler square off in an Intel Sweep!

My friend Eric Riha (AKA R1H4), who is a battle computer, has recently gotten into Armada- and we couldn't be more excited! When Eric was able to get to my place for a weekend of gaming, we made sure to get in two Armada games. (ed. note: Sorry Eric, the second one had only a handful of pictures so I can't do a proper batrep... I guess the world will never know how badly you stomped me in that second game!)

Fleet printouts from Fab's Fleet Generator.

In our first game, Eric tried the Rebels (for the first time, I might add), and I took the Imperials in his first 400 game. Eric chose Intel Sweep as one of his objectives, and as mentioned on the previous podcast, I was positive I could disrupt it. In this case, I selected Demolisher to get in, nab the point Eric needed, and GTFO. Eric selected Tantive IV as his objective ship.

Pretty standard setup. I have found there is a diminishing return on Gladiators, but that is for another discussion. This is the gaming lab- it exists to try things like this!

The anchor.

Crotchius IV looming over the station. (Is that a binary system? - DrunkTarkin)

Turn one, the Imperials surge forward while the Rebels take a more cautious approach.

Demolisher getting ready to pounce on that objective- but it will have to weather a round of fire to do so!

On the bottom of turn two, Demolisher jumps into the fray to steal the next objective point, and pours missiles into the Corvette.

The furball gets hot and heavy!

At the start of turn three, Demolisher swipes the 2nd objective and destroys the Corvette, leaving the Imperials with two objectives and nabbing them a guaranteed 75 points.

But Eric is still in a fairly strong position! Paragon is running Engineering commands with Raymus and shrugging off a ton of damage.

All fire concentrates on the VSD...

And down it goes!

At the end, the Imperials are out of range of pretty much everything. Paragon was, at one point, one damage away from death! But she hung in there and in the end, despite having objectives, the Imperials lose it by FOUR MEASLEY POINTS.

Closing Thoughts: Gah! 4 points! I am glad to see being player one on Intel Sweep isn't an auto-lose like I had originally thought; despite Eric getting me, it was by such a close margin I can't feel too bad about it! Gladiator IIs aren't worth it. Furthermore, I think there is a diminishing return on Gladiators in a fleet. A few are awesome, more than a few are unwieldy and avoidable. This was a mega fun game! 400 points rules!

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