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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Off to Gencon!

No updates this week because... Gencon! Jon, Chris, Throck, and I will all be in attendance! Our schedule is as follows:

9am Warhammer 40K Conquest Tournament
Noon Learn to Play Golem Arcana
7:27pm True Dungeon - The Sable Gauntlet

Noon FFG In-Flight Report
3pm Cardboard of the Rings
10pm Artemis - The Forge: Patrol Station Zebra

3pm Costume Parade
9pm The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship Event

Please come say hi to us!

Here's me:
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Off to Gencon!

Hey guys, we'll be off to Gencon until next week! Paint some minis, rolls some dice, and be good while we're away!

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Star Wars X-Wing - Battle Report: Farlander vs Vader

I was excited to show Andrew X-Wing! I made two basic lists on the fly (aiming for 80 points to keep it a bit small), and let him choose which he wanted to fly.

He chose the Rebels - I could tell the Force was strong with this one.

Disclaimer: No, I have no idea what I am doing with X-Wing! I'm sure these lists are laughably awful for halfway decent competitive players, but I'm not going down that road with X-Wing! That's what Armada is for!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 400 point Superior Positions

Mon Mothma paced the bridge of her command ship. She smiled at some of the crew, trying to calm their nerves as reports from probes were coming in, indicating an Imperial defense fleet was on its way. Mon Mothma was confident in the starships in her task force- three stout Assault Frigates, and two recently defected Nebulon Bs. The crews, however, were mostly green and untested. She did not know that the Imperial task force en route was led by Admiral Screed himself- a veteran of many wars and a man with a vile reputation.

Mission: Superior Positions. Rebels Player One. Imperials Player Two.
3D terrain by Space-Rocks. Use "IFF2015" to save 10%!

The Rebel fleet spread out some, awaiting the arrival of the Imperials. The moment the four Imperial ships exited hyperspace, TIE Bombers began spilling forth from the belly of Corruptor. When Imperial scanners revealed the lack of a Rebel fighter screen, they held their TIE fighters back.

Mon Mothma cursed that the Fighters were given another crucial assignment- being left without fighter support made them vulnerable to the Bombers, but the Nebulons' point defense systems might be enough to protect the fleet.

"Rhymer to Corruptor actual. Attack vectors locked in. Scopes up. Warheads hot."

"This is it! Let's show them the error of their ways! All craft increase to attack speed!" Mon Mothma's voice echoed through the bulkheads of her command ship.

Demolisher and Vindicator II navigate an asteroid field as crews load the missile tubes.

An assault frigate, previously hiding in a debris field, navigates the terrain as its engines come to life. Screed smiles at his tactical readout, "Think they have the jump on me, do they? All power to forward batteries. Divert life support from the lower decks."

The ships slowly crawl into range. The Rebels fire first, wildly missing the mark. Mon Mothma winces as the green gunnery teams fire before receiving an order.

Demolisher suddenly speeds up, and catches the rear Assault frigate by surprise. Missiles tear into her port side moments after TIE bomber torpedoes knock her shields down.

"Keep on them. Focus on the command ship" Screed calmly tells his gunners.

The Assault Frigates expose their broadsides to the Star Destroyers' fore batteries.

Mon Mothma reaches her escape pod only moments before her ship rends itself in two. She frowns as she watches the battle unfold out of the port-hole. As her ship goes down, the Rebel fleet begins acting erratically as panic sets in.

Demolisher fires into the other Assault Frigate. The ship is listing but still afloat. "Accelerate to maximum speed," the commander of the Demolisher growls as he braces himself for impact. The double prow of the Gladiator Star Destroyer tears into the rear of the Assault Frigate, rending its engine away from the main hull. Demolisher pulls itself free from the wreckage moments before massive explosions tear down the Assault Frigate's keel.

Meanwhile Rhymer's bombers begin tearing into the Nebulon Bs who are both hurting severely.

"All craft jump to hyperspace!" Both Nebulons attempt to make the jump- one is disabled and recaptured by the Empire.

Screed stares coldly at the Star Field as the second Nebulon and remaining Assault Frigate snap out of sight. "Sir, the Rebels are fleeing- what are your orders?"

"Recall the fighters. Bring us about, and prepare to pursue."

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Micro-Modern Flames of War

By Tom Burgess,

Even with Cold War Flames of War coming out later this year, some of my friends just could not wait.  Many in our gaming group have very large collections of 1/285th "Micro Armor"  so using a "Homegrown" modern FoW rules adaption that our friend Ron found on the internet, we decided to give "Cold War Gone Hot" a try. Even though these undoubtedly would be different rules than what ever Battlefront releases later this year, we just wanted to give modern "Micro Armor" a try to see how it felt.

We kept the games measurements in inches and played the game on a standard 6' by 4' table. The first thing I noticed about going "micro" was that the board felt a lot bigger.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Paratrooper - Demolition

Got in a great game with Joe last Friday.  This time we filmed the action between turns in addition to the normal photo dump. 


Let me know what you think on the forum.
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Behind Enemy Lines Episode 12

The guys are back after an epic wargaming holiday to sunny Palmerston North. We weave tall tales about snow as well as some stuff about wargaming victories and defeats.

Download the Episode Here.

In Act I, we talk more about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, newb news, and Kings of War 2.

In Act II, we cover some more excellent questions from our listeners. 

In Act III, we tell the tale of two vans… a Panzerschreck 2015 AAR! Also, pay close attention for a listener competition!

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Star Wars - Armada and X-Wing Sleeved Damage Deck Holders Review and Contest!


When I picked up Fantasy Flight's American Mini Card Sleeves for my small Armada cards, I was a bit disappointed how think they made them all. For the upgrade cards, that really wasn't a problem, but for the damage decks, they became a bit unwieldy. Frankly, the smooth surface meant the cards had a bad habit of sliding all over, but all was not lost!

After a bit of research, I came across Robert Bogdon's Etsy page with lots of 3d printed stuff for the FFG Star Wars games! At $6.99 a pop, I figured- why not?

Honestly, there isn't much to say! They're sturdy, they hold the cards well, they look cool on the table, and they didn't break the bank. I grabbed two since I am usually hosting games (these deck holders were quite useful at Historicon where the booze is flowing freely and eight people were playing with my Armada stuff at any given time!).

After contacting Robert, he did several very kind things: First, I ordered another set of damage decks specifically for X-Wing (which are the same idea, just a little shorter) and he tossed in a replacement so I could have a black and a red holder for each game. Secondly, he included four additional Armada damage deck holders as giveaways - more on that in a second! Finally, like our very good friends at, he included a coupon code for Intensify Forward Firepower listeners to get 20% off his products! Use IFF2015 when checking out! Awesome!

Verdict: For $7, you're silly not to buy one... knock 20% more off and you've got an Armada stew goin'! (What does this have to do with soup? - DT)
Okay! Okay! I just wanted you to read my review of his awesome deck holders before getting to the contest, alright? So here it is!

As the fellows do on the podcast, your task is to come up with your best Star Wars 80s song parodies (note- we're all Weird Al fans, so don't even try it!). Post them on the IFF Podcast's Facebook page, on our forum, on the FFG forum in an IFF thread, or anywhere we're known to haunt! After posting it there, please also e-mail your entry to When we record our first episode post-Gencon, we'll read the entries we really liked, and choose four winners! 

Please keep the lyrics to no more than four lines, and keep them clean! It'd also be helpful to know what song it is, so we can sing it.

Alright, that's it! Contest, discounts, and a quick review- what more do you people want? Skyshuffler out. (Lookin' forward to singing some "lucky" entries you submit! - DT)

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!
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News from the Front - Ep 93 LIVE from Historicon 2015!

We are back again at HMGS Historicon!  The guys cover their time at the convention so far and auction off a surprise Dream Date!  There is a brief talk about the Japanese in Early War - spoiler alert - we like'm!  In the Q&A session, the guys talk Flames of War Cold War, the recent Berlin book, changes to the premium subscription, predictions for Version 4 and more!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 400 point Intel Sweep vs R1H4

R1H4 and Steve Skyshuffler square off in an Intel Sweep!

My friend Eric Riha (AKA R1H4), who is a battle computer, has recently gotten into Armada- and we couldn't be more excited! When Eric was able to get to my place for a weekend of gaming, we made sure to get in two Armada games. (ed. note: Sorry Eric, the second one had only a handful of pictures so I can't do a proper batrep... I guess the world will never know how badly you stomped me in that second game!)

Fleet printouts from Fab's Fleet Generator.

In our first game, Eric tried the Rebels (for the first time, I might add), and I took the Imperials in his first 400 game. Eric chose Intel Sweep as one of his objectives, and as mentioned on the previous podcast, I was positive I could disrupt it. In this case, I selected Demolisher to get in, nab the point Eric needed, and GTFO. Eric selected Tantive IV as his objective ship.

Pretty standard setup. I have found there is a diminishing return on Gladiators, but that is for another discussion. This is the gaming lab- it exists to try things like this!

The anchor.

Crotchius IV looming over the station. (Is that a binary system? - DrunkTarkin)

Turn one, the Imperials surge forward while the Rebels take a more cautious approach.

Demolisher getting ready to pounce on that objective- but it will have to weather a round of fire to do so!

On the bottom of turn two, Demolisher jumps into the fray to steal the next objective point, and pours missiles into the Corvette.

The furball gets hot and heavy!

At the start of turn three, Demolisher swipes the 2nd objective and destroys the Corvette, leaving the Imperials with two objectives and nabbing them a guaranteed 75 points.

But Eric is still in a fairly strong position! Paragon is running Engineering commands with Raymus and shrugging off a ton of damage.

All fire concentrates on the VSD...

And down it goes!

At the end, the Imperials are out of range of pretty much everything. Paragon was, at one point, one damage away from death! But she hung in there and in the end, despite having objectives, the Imperials lose it by FOUR MEASLEY POINTS.

Closing Thoughts: Gah! 4 points! I am glad to see being player one on Intel Sweep isn't an auto-lose like I had originally thought; despite Eric getting me, it was by such a close margin I can't feel too bad about it! Gladiator IIs aren't worth it. Furthermore, I think there is a diminishing return on Gladiators in a fleet. A few are awesome, more than a few are unwieldy and avoidable. This was a mega fun game! 400 points rules!

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