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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Superior Positions

Just like we are every week, Sean and I were back in the lab! Here we were tweaking our lists for the upcoming tournament at Dragon's Den here in Richmond VA!

The rebel fleet courtesy of Fab's Fleet Generator.

The Imperial Fleet.

Honestly, at the time of writing- I don't even remember who's objective this was or who chose to go first! Having the intiative, I *think* I chose to go first, and chose from Sean? In either case, we quickly realized Superior Positions wasn't going to work for either of us in the tournament and struck it from our objective list. It's okay, these types of mistakes are meant to be made in the lab!

Editor's Note: It's come back to me! I chose to go second, and Sean chose Superior Positions from my objectives. I chose it so that I would force my opponent to entirely setup his ships before me. I struck it from my list because it favors squadrons- and I have a squadron-less build!

The disposition of fleets at the outset of battle.

A-Wings investigate the station and radio back information to the Assault Frigates. Gunners are preparing to let loose with broadsides!

The fleets reach engagement distance!

Demolisher getting ready to do some Demolishing.

Sean's VSD and other Gladiator get a little hung up on each other, making his navigations difficult for a turn or two.

The Rebels are flying in a pretty tight formation as well! The As are getting the upper hand on the TIEs, but Tycho is shot all to hell!

It's been a surprisingly low lethality game.

Tycho flees the melee with 1 hull point left, but the remaining TIEs are about to go down.

Each side has a handful of VPs for rear shots, but no ships are even near death. The dance has been one of (mostly poor) maneuver. The Assault Frigates are an angel's hair away from collissions, but (I think) avoid hitting each other.

Sean's VSD and Glad are finally able to break free of each other- just in time to see the remaining fighters in the middle of the furball go down. Every fighter is now off the board except for Tycho!

The Dance continues with no one gaining any real advantage.

The game nears the end and neither fleet has decisive control. Sean's last activation scores him an additional VP. He is up on VPs but I am up on fighter kills. In all, Sean ends the last ship activation up by 10 points...

But his Glad moves right in front of Tycho...

Who lands a hit at the very end of the game earning the Rebels one more VP. The Rebels win by 5 points!

What a bloodless game! Poor objective, some poor maneuvering, and an overall ho-hum performance out of both of us! We regrouped afterwards, took our mistakes to heart, reconsidered objectives, and made more tweaks! Please note at time of publication, this battle report is many weeks old!

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