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Friday, June 19, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Opening Salvo

As prime opponent Sean and I return to the labs in preparation for the (at time of writing) upcoming tournament at Dragon's Den in Richmond, VA, I make some dramatic changes to my Rebel build.

Rebel Fleet courtesy of Fab's Fleet Generator.

The Imperial Fleet.

Lots of fighters! I am not well practiced with fighters, so this will be interesting. The scenario is opening Salvo, Rebels are first player. In hindsight (like many of our older batreps) we were not making smart decisions with objectives!

Yeah that Corvette probably doesn't want to be there...

Sorry Tantive, I mis-used you horribly!

Later :(

Fighters coming in!

Gallant Haven takes a punishing attack from Demolisher (who just one-shotted Tantive IV!)

TIEs predictably go down hard as Yavaris activates a boat load of fighters who rip them up and tear into Demolisher.
Demolisher goes down from B-Wing, and Frigate battery fire!

Now the circle of death.

Yavaris lets loose with a punishing salvo on the other Gladiator- which combined with some fighter support bring down the beast!

The last few turns of the game are not terribly action packed. The VSD stayed out of most of the fight.

The Neb B and fighters are able to put a small amount of damage on the VSD- enough to score half points for the scenario!

In the end, the Neb B had a damage card, as did the VSD- a fairly decisive victory for the Rebs!

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