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Friday, June 12, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 300 point Opening Salvo Redux

With all the love I feel for Armada, I've been doing my best to proselytize to my friends! I chipped away at Dirty Jon's resolve, and got him to play a second game (having only played a core set game to date). I made two lists that I thought were relatively straight forward, but showcased some cool combos, and included every ship available, then I let him pick which side he wanted to be. As a ne'er do well with a love of order, he naturally chose the Empire. He elected to go first and chose Opening Salvo from my objectives!

Dirty Jon's Task Force (294)

  • Victory II + Admiral Screed + Intel Officer + Gunnery Team + Overload Pulse (133)
  • Gladiator II + Insidious + Engine Techs + Assault Concussion Missiles
  • 2x TIE Advanced
  • 3x TIE Interceptor
  • 3x TIE
Steven's Honorable Stalwarts of Freedom (298)
  • Assault Frigate Mk IIA + General Dodonna + Gunnery Team + X17 Turbolasers
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate + Yavaris + Raymus Antilles + XX-9 Turbolasers
  • CR90 Corvette B + Jaina's Light
  • 3x X-Wings
  • 3x Y-Wings

 After setup. We 100% completely forgot to setup obstacles. Like, didn't even notice until I was cleaning up the board! Oops! I blame the fact that I was focused on teaching Jon. Yeah, that's it!

 The Rebels setup! First time using the Assault Frigate!

 Jon comes racing out with his Gladiator,

 Fighters start getting tangled up!

 Gladiator activates squadrons--I did not expect that! The two Interceptors light up the X-Wing. D'oh!

The Gladiator and the Assault Frigate spar--the Gladiator is left severely damaged, but the Assault Frigate is done for! That opening salvo hurt!

This isn't looking so good...

 The VSD II one shots the Nebulon, crushing all of the Rebel hopes.

 We'll never concede! Jaina's Light increases to ramming speed!

 Without Yavaris to shepherd the fighters, the Imperial TIEs pick them apart.

Success! Due to tactical genius, Jon drives his Gladiator off the board!. Score one for the good guys

 Yeah, I think we'll just run away.


Conclusion Wow, I just horribly mis-played the Rebels--and Jon punished me with that damn Gladiator. BUT I think he had a good time, which means I had a good time! I need some practice with the Assault Frigate now, just like my first outing with the Gladiator was disastrous. Maybe that's a theme!

Imperials win by about 130 points or so.

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