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Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: 300 point Opening Salvo

Sean and I were excited to get another game of Star Wars Armada in, and since he drove the Rebels last game, it was my turn! I decided on a no-fighter build to try to capitalize on the speediness of a raiding force. Sean went for a variation on the VSD + 2 Glad theme, giving him a hammer and anvil approach. Sean chose to go first, and picked "Opening Salvo" from my objectives.

  • Assault Frigate MkIIB + Mon Mothma + Gunnery Team + XI7 Turbolasers + Electronic Countermeasures (122)
  • Assault Frigate MkIIB + XI7 Turbolasers + Electronic Countermeasures + Intel Officer (92)
  • CR90 B + Tantive IV + Leia Organa (45)
  • CR90 B + Jaina's Light (41)


  • Victory Star Destroyer II + Admiral Screed (111)
  • Gladiator I + Assault Concussion Missiles + Demolisher (73)
  • Gladiator I + Assault Concussion Missiles
  • 2x TIE Advanced Squadrons (24)
  • 1x TIE Interceptor Squadron (11)
  • 2x TIE Squadrons (16)

Deployment. MY original plan was to hook far left and deal only with the Glads.

But sometimes I just get that "Eff it! Do it Live!" Mentality.

And instead planned to feint the left move, hook right, and try to pop the VSD as fast as possible.

Gladiators look so damn mean!

The Anvil.

We turn into the SD and pretty much regret it immediately.

VSD, Glad, and Demolisher focus down Tantive IV and it goes down hard.

The end of turn two is looking pretty dang ugly.

More missiles slam into Jaina's Light and it's left a space wreck!

But the assault frigates have put a hurt on Demolisher, and one more salvo brings it down.

The VSD is sandwiched between Assault Frigates, and the damage starts piling up on it.

The VSD holds on by a thread...

But one more salvo breaks its keel and she's lost with all hands.

The bottom of turn 4 sees the fire and fury die down, and the fleets have pulled away from each other.

Over the next few turns, Sean's fighters take some potshots at the Assault Frigates. Both fleets focus on engineering commands and all damage cards are eventually removed, denying either side the "half points" for the objective.

The anti-climactic end.

The two Rebel assault frigates make the jump to hyperspace, having won by about 100 points.

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