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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games StuG III Ausf G plastic Kit

I have recently had the pleasure of reviewing the new StuG III Ausf G plastic kit from Warlord Games. This is a collaboration effort with Italeri and can be built as the StuG III Ausf G or the StuH 42 with both barrels being supplied.

The kit comes with easy to follow instructions which will have you putting this together pretty quickly without having to resort to wild Internet searches for some gamer who has done it before. Some bits to watch out for though is that the tracks come in two parts and you can easily have them not join properly if you don't pay attention (that's me!), also the connections for the shurtzen can be a bit tricky so patience and good glue will come in handy.

The parts really do fit snugly together with only very minimum clean up and it is possible to be able to switch out the barrels between the medium howitzer and 75mm AT gun. This is such an iconic German vehicle and whilst many manufacturers make them if your looking for plastic kits this would be hard to pass up. 

When it came to painting I dusted the airbrush off and gave it a base coat of dunklegelb with some highlights and some random dark green and red brown streaks and blotches. I added a burnt umber oil mixed with thinner wash to tone the colours down a bit and then added some AK enamels to make the entire tank a bit gritty and dirty.  A final bone colour for highlights and she is all done and ready to game. 

Hope you like the painting and review, look out for more in the coming weeks!

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