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Monday, June 8, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Metal Fallschirmjager

By now, everyone knows that Warlord Games is planning on releasing plastic Fallschirmjager later this year.  While this news is super exciting for anyone interested in building a German para force, it will require players to build their army using a multi-part plastic kit.  Some people don't mind building an army out of plastics, but other can't stand it.  I find building plastics a necessary evil because I usually have to come up with a million excuses at work as to why my fingers are covered in superglue.   If given the choice I would rather buy metals so I can get straight to painting.  Luckily Warlord also has some fantastic metal Fallschirmjager.  I got my hands on a squad of eight and a MG-42 to go with my small Fallschirjager force from Foundry miniatures.

Four of the figure I got were troopers with FG-42.  The FG-42 was a select fire rifle intended to give the Fallschirmjager more firepower.  In game play they are considered assault rifles.

The other four Fallschirmjager are armed with rifles.  You will notice that the troops have two types  of uniforms.  One is a standard uniform and the other is the jump smock known as a Knochensack (bone bag).  Early on in the war these jump smocks had the legs sewed up so a trooper had to pull them on like pants.  Later in the war the jump smock was given buttons so troopers could wear the smock tight around their legs or let it hang free.

The MG-42 team came with three crew and a large round base.  I like that it is in the deployed position.

The figures are solid figures with good variety and detail.  They required very little cleaning and were consistent with the high standards we have come to expect from Warlord's metal figures.   I mixed them in with the small Fallschirmjager force I had from foundry and they look great side by side.  I now have a sizable Fallschirjager force ready to take on the Allies.

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