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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: D-Day Action

The last month or so has been super busy so I was not able to put on the multi-day D-Day mega game I had planned in my head.  Instead Colby came over and we had a Normandy themed game between my new US Airborne army and his Germans.  Since Brad's Heartbreak Ridge mission is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread with vegemite, (hot damn!  that good! - Anf) we played it again.   Both of us were running infantry platoons.  I ran a single platoon, while Colby ran two platoons.  We also used the draft season two format rules, which were awesome.

German infantry guard their objective.

While a dug in MG-42 keeps an eye out for enemy movement.

American .30 cals open up and destroy the MG-42.

The Germans send their armored car to stop the American advance.

A second squad of Germans is sent forward.

The first wave of Americans rush toward the hedges.

While these airborne secure the flank.

Anther MG-42 moves into position on the hill.

Extremely accurate German fire takes its tole on the Americans.  They lose their bazooka, two NCOs, and half a squad.

Things get lively on the other side of the board with the Germans making a move.

The Germans send a motor bike with MMG to help cover the middle.

The Germans deploy a light howitzer near the front.

The driver of the SdKfz 251 catches air as he roars toward glory.

US troops come under heavy German fire.

British air support roars overhead and cracks open the halftrack and its passengers.

An obsolete Panzer III races forward and takes out an American M8.

But not in time to save the armored car.

The beleaguered American airborne take cover behind the wreck.

The motorbike closes with the Americans, guns a blazing.

A second flight of British fighters appears overhead and takes out a squad of grenadiers.

A lucky shot from the US spotter kills the motorbike.

More German rounds pound the American position.

American armor joins the fight and drives the Panzer III back.

The army final shows up to help the airborne and they make a move on the Panzer III, but can't get up the nerve to assault it.

The reinforcements encourage the airborne to get back into the fight.

The US troops shift their attention away from their flank and toward the center objective.

Realizing that the American tank is just an open-topped M10, the Panzer III comes right at him, guns blazing.

With the Panzer III gone the Americans begin laying down fire on the Germans.

But the Germans aren't ready to throw in the towel quite yet.  There is a lot of field for the US to cover which is being guarded by German machine guns.

With the clock running out, both sides make a move on the center objective.

The German flank begins to fold after the M10 takes out the Panzer III.

Airborne troops rush up to try to secure the flank objective.

The regular army troops try to make a move too, but are pinned down by German fire.

The Americans advance despite the steady stream of lead burping from the MG-42.

With the game on the line and the center objective being disputed, both side rush in for the German flanks.  The Americans get their first, but a brave German office runs up to challenge them.  The US officer has seen enough though.  He runs up and sprays the German with his Thompson.

With the capture of the German objective, the Americans secured a last minute victory.  This was an outstanding game.  It come down to the wire and took everything the Americans had, plus some luck to pull of a win.  The game had to go to turn seven, which it did.  We both poured everything we had into the middle, which resulted in a push.  At the last minute I realized if I ran with a squad I could get on the German objective, so I did.  Colby then threw his officer forward to contest.  On my last order die I advanced my office and his aide who fired their SMGs at long range.  I hit one time out of four shots.  It came down to the last die role, 1-3 tie, 4-6 Umerican wins.  I rolled a 4... Game... Umerica.

Had a lot of fun and the new format rules were great.  Machine guns are actually awesome now with their increased ROF.  That was really the only format season two rule that came into play as the others are more situational.  If you haven't tried the format, you really should check it out and leave your feedback on the forum.

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