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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WWPD Conquest LCG League - Round 2

The games have been coming in fast, but with a long vacation I hadn't been able to keep up with the reporting! So let's get right to it with the results from Round 2 of the WWPD Conquest LCG League.

This is the only Guard/AM action you'll see this round, so we have to show them some love with a little art

If you missed Round 1 coverage, take a few minutes and check it out.

The action started off with Eric and Ragnar Blackmane taking on Andrew and Packmaster Kith. Andrew's DE are quickly becoming the bane of our existence, and Eric happened to be on the receiving end of it this time. That said, Eric made Andrew work for it, especially since Kith was bloodied from Turn 1! By his own admission, Eric then got wrapped-up in the warlord hunt, when he should have just bullied the planets and gobbled up those icons. In the end Andrew was able to pull ahead in command and prevent Eric from fighting the battles he needed to win.

My game against Chris saw me running Eldar for the first time in quite a while, and I was facing Chris's standard Zarathur madness. I dominated command, as Eldar tend to do, but couldn't bring it home in combat. Ultimately Chris stole a planet out from under me, which forced a big, final confrontation that I had been hoping to avoid. In the end I just didn't have the numbers, and victory went to the forces of Chaos.

Luckily for the Eldar, Rob had better luck piloting Eldorath than I did. He faced off against Sonbae and Ragnar. Unfortunately Sonbae just couldn't track down Eldorath, nor could he pin down an early Wildrider Squadron. Eldorath (Rob) came away with the win, in what is likely the Eldar's first step in reclaiming the galaxy for its rightful masters.

Finally, Steve brought his tricksy new Aun'Shi deck against Adam's - wait for it - Ragnar deck. Ragnar must have been worn out from all of his other fights, because Aun'Shi took him down. Not much else to say, just a solid win for the Tau.

The standings at the end of Round 2:

Andrew 2-0
Steve 2-0
Adam 1-1
Chris 1-1
Eric 1-1
Rob 1-1
Parker 0-2
Sonbae aka Jeff 0-2

Our hero, Parker, will hope to rebound in Round 3 - thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for Round 3, and be sure to follow our Conquest LCG news on Twitter @ActionsatOne

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