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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Double Header w/ 3 Victory II Star Destroyers!

 Over the WWPD4VETS weekend gaming event, Eric and I managed to get two back2back Armada games in with the sole intent of testing the viability of a 3 Victory Star Destroyer list at 300 points. Knowing we'd play 2 games, we wanted to see how the rebels did with no fighters, and how they did with max X-Wings. Read on for our conclusions! Eric ran the scum while I ran the forces of order in the Galaxy. Read on for the two games!
I ran 3 VSD IIs with Tarkin and Dominator.


For the first mission, Eric was the 2nd player, and I chose HYPERSPACE ASSAULT. I knew I'd run the risk of having a Nebulon B suddenly jump in on the tail of one of my Star Destroyers, but I was willing to risk it!

3 ISDs sitting in a row. Eric uses 3 Corvettes, 2 Nebulons, and Luke. I can't remember what upgrades he had. Luke and a Nebulon are in hyperspace.

This will require careful coordination! I am happy to report that I drove my SDs in very tight formations with no self-collisions all day!

I have you now.

One Corvette goes down hard.

Careful boys!

The Star Destroyers execute a dangerous ballet, but again--I avoided all friendly collisions!

Another Corvette eats it right after the Nebulon B arrives from Hyperspace...

With a VSD hot on its heels!

All in all, the Imperials are in pretty good positions.

Conentrated fire brings down one of the Nebulons.

While rear batteries and a collision bring down a Corvette A.

At the end of turn 6, the Rebels were in a pretty bad way...

For the second game, we pulled FLEET AMBUSH. I wasn't all that worried about getting ambushed, truthfully. It meant having one SD on rearguard.

Deployment. This time, Eric brought the max number of X-Wings!

Here they come!

The lead Star Destroyers focus fire on one of the Nebulon Bs.

It goes down hard just as X-Wings start swarming the Star Destroyer on the left.

Hyenas swarm the wounded member of the Star Destroyer pack! The damage starts piling up.

As the other two Star Destroyers come about, the swarmed Star Destroyer starts to go down!

But it won't go out without a fight!

Finally, massed fire ends the ship's life.

But the Rebs are down to two ships and those two ships are in the VSD's sweet spots.

The Nebulon B exposes its weak sides and goes down to Dominator.

Finally, the Corvettes dies horribly to the other VSD II.

The two surviving VSD IIs.

In the end, we discovered that, surprisingly, 3 VSD IIs are pretty powerful! We had a lot of fun, and a lot of discussion about Rebel tactics. Eric's Corvettes were probably not speedy enough, but with so many ships, I was able to anticipate flank moves.

Victory against the Rebel Scum!

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