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Friday, May 1, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Outer Rim Rendezvous

"Captain Baxtorious, I am sending you back to the sector to route out any rebels that may be hiding there.  The Inquisitor will be joined by Captain Sula and the Dominatrix.  I know that your lost Tie Fighters have not been replaced, but you will have to make due without them, time is of the essence." 

"Yes, Lord Vader."

"ISB, reports that the rebel forces hiding in area plan on rendezvousing with a large attachment of X-Wing fighters for a refit in a few days time.  The Inquisitor and Dominatrix will crash this rendezvous."

"Sir, we have dropped out of hyper speed, senors are picking up three ships.  It appears to be two corvettes and a frigate."

"How many fighter squadrons lieutenant"

"Five Sir, all X-Wings."

"Contact the Dominatrix, deploy our Ties."

"Sir, enemy ships coming into range."

"Prepare to fire tactical."

"Sir, enemy fighters are engaged with our Ties and the Dominatrix is taking fire from the corvettes."

"Stay calm Lieutenant, the battle has just began."

"Sir, the Dominatrix reports that one of the Corvettes is trying to make a break for that small outpost."

"Focus fire on the frigate, the Dominatrix can handle the corvette."

"Sir, two of our four Tie squadrons have been eliminated."

"Tell the crew to prepare the defenses for fighter attack."

"Sir, senors indicate the frigates shields are down."

"Tell the Dominatrix to put a volley of laser fire into the frigate from its starboard batteries."

"Sir, the frigate has been eliminated."

"Excellent.  Damage control report."

"Sir, we have breaches in our port and aft shields.  Minor hull breaches on multiple decks."

"Send repair crews to repair the most significant damage.  I need every hand .... (BOOM!!!)

"What was that?"

"Sir, our main shield reactor is off line, shields are completely down."

"Get a crew on that immediately ensign."

"Yes sir."

"Sir, enemy corvette approaching from the starboard side."

"Fire at will tactical."

"Sir, we got her."

"While we are repairing the shields make sure those fighters don't get through and someone tell the Dominatrix to catch that corvette."

"Sir, the corvette is just sitting there outside of our range."

"They are probably repairing themselves."

"Sir, they cant possibly be thinking about taking on two Star Destroyers."

"Misplaced ideologies can make people do some irrational things ensign.  Plus their hyperdrive might be down."

"Sir, they are charging head long at the Dominatrix."

"Looks like our rebel friends are gluttons for punishment."

"Sir, we are closing in on the corvette."

"Fire the assault missiles, I am tired of these games."

"Lord Vader,  the rebel force has been eliminated." 

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