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Monday, May 11, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Most Wanted!

The Rebel fleet swarms the Star destroyers, but can they take them down while mitigating their own losses?

The Rebel fleet clocks in at 298 while the Empire is 300 on the nose. The Rebels choose to go first, and pick "Most Wanted" from the Empire's objective cards. Dominator is the objective ship for the Empire while Dodonna's flagship Nebulon B Escort is the flagship for the Rebels.

please note: This card has been errata'd to no longer apply to fighter squadrons! As the FAQ was posted after our game, we totally missed that- and the whole Rebel strategy hinged on an incorrect reading of the rule!

The initial setup.

The Imperial fleet. There are 10 TIEs.

The Rebel fleet plus 6 vanilla X-Wings.

The Rebs, ready to go!

Had to have a quick duel with my daughter before we started chucking dice...

The Imperial patrol moves out.

The Rebels keep the X-Wings with the Nebulons while the two Corvettes zip along the flank.

The start of turn 2.
After moving up, the Imperials make a critical mistake with their fighter screen, leaving them just a hair too far back...

Allowing the X-Wings to swoop in and focus on the Dominator staying just out of engagement range of his fighters, getting an extra red die each!

Dominator takes some serious damage! The furball gets thick!

They're all over us!

Dominator goes down pretty hard!

Tarkin isn't going down without a fight!

Both Nebulon Bs start chewing up the TIEs with their point defense, while their powerful frint dice tear into Tarkin. Noth Nebulon Bs have been taking a beating!

The Nebulon Bs both have 4 damage cards! They are both exactly one hit away from death!

But the damage is piling up on Tarkin.

The situation as the game pushes into turn 6.

Heavy fire from Dodonna's flagship tears into Tarkin's Star Destroyer!

But before the big Imperil cruiser is brought down, swarms of TIEs and turbolaser batteries break the keel of Dodonnas ship and it goes down hard!

One of the Corvettes, now quite wounded, fires her shots and escapes to safety.
Finally, the very last ship activation of the game- a CR90B, scores exactly enough damage on Tarkin's vessel to bring it down!

The Rebel fleet regroups before making the jump to Hyperspace.

170 Victory Star Destroyer II x2
038 Tarkin
012 Dominator
056 7x TIE Squadrons
085 Bonus objective score

057 Nebulon B Escort Frigate
039 3x X-Wing Squadrons
020 General Dodonna
057 Bonus objective score

Rebels win with a victory margin of 188.

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