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Monday, May 18, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: The Cold of Space

"Lord Vader, repairs have been completed and the Inquisitor and Dominatrix are ready for our next mission."

"I am sending you back into the fray, do not disappoint me."

"Yes Lord Vader."

"Sir our TIEs have engaged the enemy."

"They report heavy losses, but are managing to keep the enemy's X-Wings at bay."

"The Dominatrix reports engaging an enemy corvette and destroying it."

"Excellent. The upgraded armament has paid off."

 "Sir, two other enemy corvettes have cut off the Dominatrix." 

"The Dominatrix just collided with a enemy ship."


"Sir, they report several hull breaches and their shields are down."

 "Sir, enemy frigate dead ahead."

"Pour on the fire ensign."

"Direct hit.  Sensor indicate multiple breaches and loss of power."

"Dominatrix has taken another direct hit, Captain Sula has order all non essential crew to head to the escape pods." 

"Sir the Dominatrix has lost all power after that last hit from a squad of X-Wings.  We have lost communication with Captain Sula."

"Update on the enemy forces."

"Only one Corvette remains and several X-Wing squadrons.  They appear to preparing to jump."

"Very well, deploy rescue and salvage crews to bring in the survivors from Dominatrix."

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