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Monday, May 4, 2015

Pushing Panthers

By Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah

I loves me some German armor. They're sleek, futuristic looking, over engineered hunks of metal with a nasty rep. From the lowly Panzer II to the mighty Jagdtiger and King Tiger, I love to collect, paint and run German tanks of all shapes and sizes. Not only that, but their paint schemes are legitimately interesting and are a nice break from the drab green of the allies.

At the top of my list of favorite looking German armor things is the Panther. She may not be the most popular tank to take in our beloved hobby but man alive is she a sweet sweet ride. And, aside from the King Tiger, few other tanks have as much paintability and variety of look, especially in late war.

I love this tank so much it's literally what got me into the game. The first 15mm models I painted were Panthers. The first lists I ever built were based off Kursk for MidWar and KG Bake for Late War. So, needless to say I'm a fan.

Thus, when I got my sweet new Grex Airbrush rig I decided I should christen it with some new (and some repainted) Panthers!

The Last Legion, my late late war panthers.

To start, have a beauty shot of my excellent new airbrush rig! Be Jealous!

For all the things you do, this Grex for you.

Two of the tanks I painted up last year but added into this dump because they are distinctively late war schemed.

This guy

But the rest of these boys I knocked out over the last two weeks or so:

A motley looking crew indeed.

The "One I stole from a museum pic"

The "Fun with painters tape"

The "Refurb" or "Let's play with Mig streaking grime Pt. 1"

The "SHH! I'm a bush" or "Let's play with Mig streaking grime Pt. 2"

More fun with painters tape

And the "Yes, I'm pretty sure this tank should be knocked out, but it still tanks!" or the "I'm not at all sure of a Panther that used octopus camo, but it's cool, so deal"

I hope you enjoyed this passel of Panthers!

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