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Monday, May 11, 2015

News from the Front - Episode 91

The Old School lineup in in effect as Luke, Jon and Steven chew the fat about Flames of War!

In Act I, the boys do their AAR and talk about tournaments, painting, WWPD4Vets, terrible lists, Stah Wahs. Conquest and all manner of upcoming events and appearances.

In Act II, we talk about the Battlefront/WI split and mike wild guesses and baseless predictions about that. We move on to discuss various ratings on troops and when particular combos work and when they don't.

Rounding out Act II is a return to Commonly Overlooked Rules and discussion about the future of plastics, resin and metal.  In the end, there is a bit of free-form and a closeout of the show.
After Hours

Free for All!  The boys talk about movies and..... other stuff!  You will just have to tune in to find out!

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