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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fate of a Nation - Hasty Attack 2150pts (Still can't buy a win!)

By Tom Burgess,

My luck against the United Arab Republic Tank Battalions continues to run cold. I've yet to beat them with my AMX-13 based Israeli Tank Company since I built it in October 2014!

So to the trouncings I have received, I am adding yet another AAR of a UAR Tank Battalion win against my AMX-13 Company.

This time I would get closer though when my friend Ron and I met for a 2150pt game.

My P'lugah Tan'kim was pretty much the same force I have been running, but I had to lighten up the Infantry platoon and drop a M3D 120mm Mortar Halftrack to keep with in the point limit.

My  roster.

 My AMX-13 Israeli Tank Company.

Ron's roster.

Ron's UAR Tank Battalion.

We rolled up Hasty Attack as a mission and I ended up as the defender.

I broke out the desert GEO-Hex for this game and chose the board edge that had the most cover for me to defend from.

 On my left objective I deployed my Infantry platoon.

In the center and on my right I placed my Sho't platoon along with my supporting AAA Halftracks since Ron did have air support.

My thought was that if I could hold the center town I could placing flanking fire on any thrust Ron would make towards the either of the two objectives. I expected him to push toward my left objective, where I hoped the hilly ground and my dug in infantry would slow him down long enough for my AMX-13 to come in from Scattered and Delayed reserves to get flank shots.

 Ron's deployment.

Ron also had to start with just three units at deployment. He took both full T-55 Companies and his 6 x 122mm artillery. We frequently use "off board" artillery home rules for our AIW games, but this time I wanted to do a AAR with normal Flames of War rules.

Ron wanted to guard against a sudden strike from my flanking AMXs toward the objective in his deployments zone. So he deployed on T-55 Tank Company there with good dispersion, which would try to tie down my Sho't's from interfering with his push toward my left objective.

Turn One

No reserves for Ron. He does get in air support though.

On turn one, Ron starts his push towards my left while my infantry bolster themselves with some encouragement form my Company CO.

 Ron's MIG comes in, but my AAA screen is too hard for him to get through.

 On my turn one I begin to attrit the T-55's on my right killing three with my opening volley!

Turn Two

Again, no reserves for Ron, and also no MIGs making appearance for this turn.

 Ron's 122mm guns range in on my CO and infantry.

 Ron's left T-55's approach and earn his first kill against one of my dug-in rifle teams.

 I retaliate against the rear of the T-55s climbing up the hill with with deadly accurate fire from my 2IC's AMX-13 and two Sho't tanks that I had shifted over.

Turn Three

Ron pulls in his Infantry Company from reserve, but again no MIGs in the skies.

 Ron's T-55 close in close enough for an assault.

 Ron's arriving Infantry double time in an attempt to catch up to his T-55s.

 Ron's T-55's on my right manage to kill a Sho't. This happened to be the unit's platoon leader but they carry on with "Mission Tactics."

 Ron repeats bombardment to keep my defending infantry suppressed.

 Ron sends in the assault. I have two suppressed Blinidicide shots and my supporting CO's AMX-13 (ROF 1) in defensive fire.

 One Blindicide and the AMX-13 hit, getting a bail and a kill, halting Ron's first assault!

 In my turn three I get no reinforcements, but the two Sho'ts in the town continue to whittle down Ron's main effort!

Turn Four.

Ron gets another reserve unit and bring in his ZSU-57-2s which manage to KO my 2IC's AMX-13.

 Ron has no problem keeping my infantry pinned with repeat bombardments and manages to also kill a team.

Ron's not going to make the same mistake twice! This time he's able to knock out my CO's AMX-13, reducing my defensive fire on the objective.

 Ron's ZSU-57-2s KO my 2IC AMX-13.

 Ron's T-55s close on my infantry this time and he kills one team in the assault.

 My infantry fails to counter attack and they are driven back allowing Ron to contest my left objective.

 My turn reserves!

 No longer able to hit the T-55s pressing my left, the Sho'ts in the town avenge the death of my 2IC by earning me a first victory point for knocking out the ZSU-57-2s!

Turn Five.

Ron brings in his SU-100s from reserves and gets a FULL flight of MIGs. He brigs in the SU-100s away from his main effort because he is worried that my Sho'ts will finish off his T-55s guarding his objective and then my AMXs will sprint forward for the win.

 On my left, the T-55s go in again. My two Blindicides pull off an amazing bail and a kill! This halts Ron's second assault and forces a morale check...if he breaks...I will most likely win this game!

 But "No!!!" The UAR Battalion Commander personally pushes on the remants of the T-55 main effort!

Ron's FULL MIG strike dodges all of my AAA fire...but then fails to range in...probabally saving two Sho'ts!

In my turn five, I get in an AMX-13 platoon from reserve...the complete opposite side of the board from where I need them thanks to "scattered reserves!"

 The AMX-13s have to settle for killing off half of the newly  arrived SU-100s.

Turn Six

Ron gets no air support and his reserves have long since all arrived.

 Ron's last three T-55s from his 1st Company and his Battalion CO T-55  go in for his 3rd assault against my infantry.  He dodges the Blindicide defensive fire this time and manages to kill off two Israeli teams, one of them a Blindicide.

 My surviving Blindicide fails to counter attack and brakes off....Ron is now firmly holding my left objective!

In my turn I roll up two reserve units! All I need from "scattered reserves" is to have my AMX-13s come in from my left or along my base edge. Four shots from Autoloaders into the flanks of  conscript T-55s ought to restore the situation!

 But alas, it was not meant to be!  Both of my final reserves came in on my far right side where they had to be content with finishing off the SU-100s while my Sho'ts finished off Ron's guarding T-55 company.

So I had destroyed three of Ron's platoons and had lost none of my own, yet it was Ron who won by driving so hard on my left and taking the objective there.

Yet another loss for my Israeli Tanks who have yet to beat any of the three local UAR opponents. But I got close this time. Ron had to pass a couple of morale checks with his assaulting T-55s Company, which he passed and all my reserves where late and went to the wrong side. I was close, sooo close! But victory for my AMX-13s will have to wait for yet another game.

But  it's always a pleasure to game with Ron who fought hard for his win in a good close run game. Next time time!

Tom has been playing wargames since the late 70’s, and Flames of War since 2007. He maintains a gaming website for the BattleVault Gamers of Kentuckiana and posts and moderates WWPD as Iron-Tom.

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