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Friday, May 8, 2015

Conquest Tournament AAR: Ragnar at Dream Wizards

On April 26th, I had the good fortune of playing in a Conquest tournament at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD. Dream Wizards is hosting one of the Regionals I am attending, so fellow Actions at One host Eric and I, plus our good buddy Chris, made the trek!

I ran the same Ragnar deck I ran in my last tournament AAR:

Army (32)

4x Blackmane Sentinel
3x Blood Angels Veterans
1x Daring Assault Squad
3x Eager Recruit
3x Honored Librarian
3x Iron Guard Recruits
3x Ratling Deadeye
3x Rogue Trader
3x Sanctioned Psyker
3x Tactical Squad Cardinis
3x Void Pirate

Attachment (4)
1x Frostfang
3x Promotion

Event (11)
2x Blackmane's Hunt
3x Crushing Blow
3x Drop Pod Assault
3x Indomitable

Support (3)
2x Catachan Outpost
1x Ragnar's Warcamp

Game One: was against Josh's (or was it Mik?- I am so bad with names!) Eldar. I was able to nab a pretty good lead on command, which helped get some units out. Eventually, I was able to bloody Eldorath (I had 3 "Crushing Blows" in my hand at one point! Once Eldorath was bloodied, I switched to assassinate mode and was able to catch him. He had two of the big wraithknight dudes, both brought into play by Yvarn.

Game Two: Chris' Nazdreg. Close, epic fights throughout the early planets. The Orks slightly got the upper hand after getting all 3 ammo depots in play on turn one! Combine that with 2 Kustom Field Generators and Nazdreg was untouchable! The fight came down to the last 2 planets, but Nazdreg's warlord train was ridiculously massive! Chris went on to win the tournament. Going into the last 2, he had me almost no matter what, but I still fought it out as best I could! Great, close, fun game.

Game Three: Mik's (or was it Josh?) Ku'Gath. Despite getting out 2 Bloodletters and 2 plague beasts, I was able to dance around Ku'Gath and his banner a bit, and get the guy bloodied. I was doing pretty good on command, but I think in the end we managed to assassinate Ku'Gath? Or did we win by planets? I can't remember! What I do remember is one round where I TOTALLY forgot his banner gave him 8 hitpoints, and I would've played a bit more conservatively!

Game Four: Dominic's Coteaz. I managed to gain the upper hand on command right off the bat, and with the arrival of Staging Ground, Formosan Blackship, and Catachan Outpost, I did all I could to keep Coteaz resource-starved! Ragnar and company managed to bloody Coteaz, which allowed them to take the winning planet. I really enjoyed my game with Dominic, and hope we run into each other again soon!

In the end, I placed second (behind Chris who played Nazdreg) and left with an alternate art Eldorath, 3 alternate art Colliseum Fighters, and a new deckbox! Most importantly, I had a really great time!

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