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Friday, May 8, 2015

Chain of Command Game: US vs Germans

Sean and I followed up our last game of Chain of Command with similar forces, but we really wanted to add in some tanks! We stuck with Patrol as our mission, and got right down to it!

The battlefield.

The Governor's Mansion.

The railyard.

The Germans deploy on the Governor's driveway.

The US have secured the town...

And the train station.

More Germans show up sneaking up along the rail line.

A Panzer II L shows up on the road, ready to provide fire support for the infantry!

The US call up their reinforcements...

And a Sherman shows up and fires on the panzer II!

The shot bounces off the Panzer II, but the crew is stunned!

The US pour fire into the first German squad, forcing them to take cover!

The US fire on the Germans across the way.

The Germans return fire and it isn't pretty!

More US troops along with the Platoon Sergeant show up to reinforce the rail station.

The Sherman continues to fire on the Panzer II, but the shots miraculously glance off the hull!

A Panzerknacker team shows up in the building. (I think we found later they can't fire from buildings? We totally overlooked that)

A shootout ensues with the US troops in the rail station. The Germans are giving better than they're getting!

The developing situation.

Finally, at the urging of the German platoon CO, the men rush forward!

More Germans arrive from the across the tracks!

The Germans lead the way with a barrage of hand grenades, and then charge in. The Ensuing assault is ridiculously bloody for both sides. The Germans wind up pushing into the US position with minimal casualties. Discovering that two or more units can charge at the same time is HUGE.

The Survivors of the Rail station are not in a good way. US Force morale takes a huge hit.

The Germans relentlessly pursue.

US Force morale plummets, and the game is clear! The US troops pull back from the town with heavy casualties, while the Germans consolidate their position.

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