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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bolt Action - Season Two is gearing up for another exciting season of format.  With the wildly successful Season 1 almost done we are moving on to Season 2.  Season 2 will include changes to the Season 1 format and introduce some new format rules of its own.  For those not familiar with the format, every six month the crew is putting out a set of rules adjustments to be play tested.  Now that Bolt Action has been out for almost three years many veterans have found several rules issues which we all hope are addressed in the far distant Version Two of Bolt Action.  The format is a community effort to play test through some simple rules ideas and hope that one day we can had our research over to influence the future of the game.  Format is also intended to try to bring balance to the games unbalanced bits.

 Season 1 Recap

We decided to keep most of the format changes from Season 1.  Nearly all of the format adjustments received popular and positive feed back.  The majority of players who used Season 1 reported that it improved their game play experience.  So you will find most of the Season 1 format inside of Season 2.  The notable changes are that we aligned the Vehicle Flame Thrower range up to 12" to be in line with the Warlord Errata, and are getting rid of the tournament format.  We wanted to be supportive and consistent with the Warlord Errata and got most of our negative feedback with the tournament pack because of the restrictions it placed on Tournament Organizers.

Players who love their LMG's will be happy as before
Let's see those Hanomags take the Bolt Action battlefields

What's new in Season 2

So what going to be in Season 2?  Season two has some exciting changes including increased ROF for infantry MMGs, a new trick for anti tank guns, increased HE for anti tank guns, some more adjustments to flame throwers, and another perk for armored transports.
MMG's are going to see the table top and in a very historic way
Anti-tank gunners will rejoice in Season 2!

A well hidden AT gun position
Season 2 will begin on July 1 and what we need from you fine BARBARIANS between now and then is your feedback.  The initial Season 2 format has be published to the downloads section of for your review.  We want to know what your questions are about format.  We need to know where are we not crystal clear, were did Cbax make a spelling or grammar mistake, or were did we misquote the rules.  Before July 1 will will make a final update to Season 2, which may include some tweeks and then its go time.  Between July 1 and December 31 we be playing games and taking in your feedback to see what we got right and what we got wrong for Season 3.   We area all excite for the format and think you will too.

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