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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: May the Fourth Be With You (Star Wars Special)

In honor of May the Fourth, this year I decided to bust out my old collection of Star Wars Miniatures from Wizards of the Coast (no longer in production ... sad) and play some Star Wars Bolt Action.

The Imperials for was a small Veteran contingent of Storm Troopers.  All Storm Troopers also had Storm Trooper Armor which gave them a medic roll any time a guy died.  (I think this save one trooper all game).

While the Rebels had amassed a force of regular fighters.  Rebels were fairly straight forward.  Wookies were tough fighters and ignored terrain or movement.  The speeder had a rear facing harpoon gun, range 12.  If it hit it did not make an armor check.  Instead you resolved an immobilized result on the damage chart and took a moral test.  If the walker failed it was destroyed, if it passed it was immobilized.

An abandoned rebel base sits idol deep in the Out Rim.  Hoth has fallen and scattered Rebel forces are lost as to what to do.  A small force is sent to the abandoned base to scout it out and see if it is still fit for temporary use.  As they start moving into the base they find out... ITS A TRAP!

The outlines of white clad soldiers moving in the woods.

Rebel troops cautiously move into the base.

Wookie warriors hiding in the woods.

Oh no the Imperials have spotted them.   RAAAAAAHARHAR!

Blaster fire erupts everywhere.  Nothing is set to stun...

An advanced patrol of Scout Troopers stall the Rebels.

Wookies and Storm Trooper gun it out.  Is it time to go back to Kessel?  Over our our dead Wookie bodies.

The rebel flanking detachment gets caught in a fire fight and they pour it onto the Storm Troopers.  AHHHHH!

Oh no they have been out flanked and massacred.   You Rebel Scum.

The Scout Troopers fall back and call in for more helps as their position is over ran.  "Send three squads to help."

Wookies lay everywhere.

Oh no more Wookies.

After killing one squad of Wookies these troopers prepare for the next wave.

Storm troopers take up position on an objective.

Pew Pew Pew.

The last of these survivors fall to well placed blaster fire.

Rebel troopers enter the base.  Like shooting Womp Rats in a bacta tank with a T-16.

The Rebels have a strong position on this hill looking down on the Imperials in base.

Wookies in the woods.

Suddenly an ATST stomps forward and blasts at everything.

With Storm Troopers supporting it.

Ugnaught Demolition teams try to sabotage a Walker, but fail to destroy it.

Another team of saboteurs attack the other ATST and manage to immobilize it.

A group of out flanking Storm Troopers get assaulted by out flanking Commandos.

But everyone knows you cant sneak up on Storm Troopers, the commandos are eliminated.

Harpoons away.  The speeder pulls down an ATST.

The great wall of white advances shoulder to should like battle droids at the Battle of Naboo.   Not even Jar Jar could save the rebels from this debacle.   With no one clearly controlling the base the Rebel flee to the woods and board their transports.  The Imperials may have secured the planet, but they cant take the sky from the rebellion.

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