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Friday, April 3, 2015

WWPD4VETS 2015 Begins.... NOW!

Hi guys, it's that time of year again! The time where the WWPD community bands together for something a bit more humanitarian than pushing miniatures on the table... all while pushing miniatures on the table and rolling dice!

This year is a bit more free-form- we encourage game groups from all over to do something fun while gathering donations. Donations can be added over at this link:

Donations will be encouraged through the entire month of April. On April 30th, we'll tally it up and see how we did!

That link again is:

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! Every single dollar we raise is being matched 1 for 1 by a generous anonymous donor up to $5,000USD! That's awesome! Can we, as a community, raise 10,000 for this awesome organization? Of course we can!

But wait! There's even more! For those of you on the East Coast, we're having the WWPD4VETS Flames Of War tournament at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg VA.

APRIL 18th: 1650 Late War in possibly wintry conditions! No air support or AOP, See the list of possible lists below Some boards will be snow! $20 entrance covers a blister, pizza, and a small donation to Wounded Warrior. But Wait! There's more! Pay up to $25 before the tournament begins to buy "ultimate re-roll tokens" at $1 a piece. These ultimate re-rolls can be used to re-roll any die! Even a regular re-roll! You cannot, however, ultimate re-roll and ultimate re-roll. These donations will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous anonymous donor, so bring $45, save up your singles, and make it rain! er.. snow? See you there!

Any list from the following books unless noted.
Nuts +4
Devils Charge +4
Bridge by Bridge
Market Garden (No Commandos or 101st they are in nuts)
Blood Guts Glory (no Patton with 7th Armored he didn't command them at bulge)
Desperate Measures (Panzer Kampfegrouppe or Panzergrenadier Kampfegrouppe only)
Panzers to Muse pdf. +4
53rd Welsh Division pdf.
Fuhrer Brigades pdf. +4

This is a nominal "Battle of the Bulge" tournament so any unit that comes from a bulge list gets +4 domination points added to their finial score. If I missed a Bulge list let me know.

Missions possible to use will be Blind Domination, breakthrough, encounter, No retreat, and free for all.

Feel free to bring your own Chess Clock I95 will enforce the 60% of the time rule. If you use more than 60% of the time and the game times out you lose.


We'll have other games at WWPD4VETS at the Game Vault, so if the FOW tourney isn't your thing, come and hang out anyways! See you there!

Let's do it!

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