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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WWPD Conquest League - Round 1

Right now the WWPD LCG crew simply can't get enough of the Conquest LCG, so we decided to start our own mini-league. None of us are locked into any particular warlord or deck: we just want to smash some things in the 40k card game universe!

There are eight participants right now, including the 4 members of the Actions at One podcast: Steve, Andrew, Eric, and Parker. They're joined by Chris, Rob, Sonbae (Ed: his real name is Jeff, but literally none of us call him that), and Adam.

There are no prizes, only glory! Let's see how round one went for our group!

There was a bit of a civil war going on between Adam and Sonbae, as both of them brought everyone's favorite bloodthirsty marine to the fight: Ragnar Blackmane. In typical Ragnar fashion the two players battered each other's warlords, but a massive fight on Iridrial saw Adam's Ragnar bloody Sonbae's Ragnar.

After that, it was a short fight to get the warlord kill. A solid win to Adam!

Moving on through the Traxis Sector, Steve brought the pride of the Tau, Aun'Shi, against Chris's Zarathur. Gleeful Plague Beast is, well.... a beast! And nearly stole the game away from Aun'Shi! But after some early rockiness, Aun'Shi began to exert control. Once the Tau got two "Cloud Cities" on the board there was little Chris could do to stop a multitude of armorbane attacks. A win for Steve!

Eric and Robert had an exciting game of their own, with Eric running Ragnar and Robert bringing Eldar into the mix. Ragnar proved his strength once again, and some timely Crushing Blows effectively sealed the win for the Space Wolves, and, by extension, Eric.

Finally, I was bringing Eldar against Andrew's finely-honed Dark Eldar. I was able to make a game of it for a while, but Andrew has taken his DE through hell and back, and knows how to turn any situation to his favor. The length of the game worked to his advantage, as he was able to utilize the DE's choke capabilities while still building a sizable combat force with Kith. It wasn't too exciting, but it was a methodical, solid win for Andrew. A couple big mistakes on my part didn't help.

Standings at the end of Round 1:

Adam 1-0
Andrew 1-0
Eric 1-0
Steve 1-0
Chris 0-1
Parker 0-1
Robert 0-1
Sonbae 0-1

Stay tuned for more AAR's as the league heats up!

Want to join the conversation? Please sound off in the comments below, or let us know on our forum!

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