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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bolt Action - Unofficial Royal Hungarian Army Supplement

Hey guys, Anfernee and Bryan here with something a little different for today's article. We want to share with you a passion project from us that you may find useful and fun for your Bolt Action games as well. After a year of researching, painting and playing with our Hungarian armies, we have certainly noticed the many missing historically fielded units. Rather than complain, we thought we would get off our behinds and put our goulash where our mouth is and produce our own completely unofficial additional units PDF. Read on for our design notes and thoughts on the Royal Hungarian army in Bolt action. Did we mention this was unofficial?

The unoffical Armies of Hungary additional units PDF can be downloaded here.

Respect where it is due

First, before we go any further, let us just say that this document has been produced from a place of passion and we hope with complete respect for Warlord Games and Alessio Cavatore. Anfernee and myself have no grand delusions that we are talented Games Designers like the authors of Bolt Action. But having played with the official list for the Hungarians for a while now, we know it is missing many units and in effect national special rules. This is starting to limit our fun with all the toy soldiers we have carefully converted, painted and put so much time into. I am sure the limitations of the list is also not doing much to promote players choosing this army to play in Bolt Action.

To be far, there is very little information available on the Hungrian army in WW2 that is easily available. Researching was pretty tough due to a lot of information having been destroyed or hidden after the war under the new communist regime. During the chaos of the final few months, much wasn't even recorded. The information that does exist is also rarely translated into English.  After undertaking a lot of research for creating our own Hungarian armies, we've managed to unearth a few treasure troves of information about some interesting and unique Hungarian units and equipment. We feel by adding these units into Bolt Action it promotes yet another exciting force to collect. I myself love the size of Bolt Action platoons as you can easily collect many armies. I have noticed that after collecting one or three of the 'major powers', players want to try something different and collect one of the traditionally less wargamed 'minor powers'. We feel this PDF adds the needed depth and difference to make the Hungarians worth collecting. For a power which as yet has no infantry miniatures in existence, this unofficial army list supplement should make it worth it to go to that extra effort.

The Hungarians made the German Nebelwerfer under licence, known locally as the 43M Sorozatveto 

What is in this PDF?

This unofficial supplement offers an extra 'National Special Rule'. The official list offers only one special rule which has any effect in the game, Axis Allies. While 'Experienced Officer Core' adds flavor, it literally does nothing in the game. We thought with the myriad of great benefits enjoyed by the other armies in Bolt Action that the Hungarians deserved a rule to help them be different on the table to the others and that actually evened it up a little when taking on the more 'powerful' nations.

The forces fielded by the Royal Hungarian Army where as varied as the empire they where a part of up until 1918. This is why we went down the route of the 'Armies of Britain..." book and give players a selection of three to choose one from to help theme their reinforced platoon. Check out the PDF to see what we have done there.

As well as the National Rules, we have comprehensively added all the units missing from the official army list. Most of these units are simply the same as many of the other armies in Bolt Action, and so are all fair and in line with everyone else. These include Assault Pioneers, late war infantry options, Budapest Militia and missing transport vehicles. Bolt Action's modular nature helped us engineer the fair points for those that are not direct matches to pre-existing units. One of the most exotic and cool units we found was the 44M Buzoganyveto, or 'Mace Thrower'. It's pictured above and was basically a huge direct firing rocket launcher able to take out IS-2s at a fair distance.

German supplied Panzer 38(t) tanks formed the backbone of the Hungarians only armoured division in 1941
We have also included the many German vehicles supplied to the Hungarians throughout the war in their main list. The official list only gives you access to the German tanks through the theater selectors and the 'Axis Allies' special rule. Seeing as the German tanks often comprised the majority of the vehicles crewed by Hungarians in their armoured units this just seems silly to leave them out. Like the US tanks in British service and the Soviet lend lease, some of these are now part of the main army list.

Lastly, as we have discovered first hand, modelling the Hungarians in 28mm requires a far bit of effort and research. As mentioned earlier there is no range of infantry miniatures currently available. So the last page of our supplement gives a basic guide and links to all the current miniatures we have used to make our armies. We have also included a link to our hobby articles on how we managed to make our Hungarian platoons on this very site. It's a good basic resource to get you started. Anf and I are always happy to answer question and give help on the forums as well so drop us a line:

The unoffical Armies of Hungary additional units PDF can be downloaded here.

Once again, just to repeat, these are fan-made rules, we suggest you get approval for their use from your opponent.

Isten, áldd meg a magyart!

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