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Friday, April 3, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Hyperspace Assault

The secret Rebel spaceport has been discovered by the Empire! Luke and a CR-90 Corvette attempt to surprise the attacking Imperials with a daring in-system hyperspace jump to defend the vital shipyard in this Star Wars Armada action report!

The scenario drawn was Hyperspace Assault, and the forces arrayed against each other are shown below.

First up, the attacking Imperial fleet.

The cards involved.

Next up, the Rebel fleet.

And finally the Rebellion cards.

Luke and the CR90 lie in wait just a short jump away from the station.

The Imperial fleet arrives over the surface of the main maintenance platform and launch a swarm of TIE squadrons, covering a large swath of space.

The Rebels, meanwhile, cluster together, their commander nervously hoping Luke and his escort arrive quickly.

Outnumbering the X-wing fighter screen by two-to-one, the TIE squadron leaders bring their fighters forward in the hopes of quickly neutralizing the two frigates' protection. Meanwhile Dominator surges forward and the Rebel commander orders the fleet to focus fire on Tarkin's flagship as it narrowly avoids colliding with the ship maintenance detritus floating over the facility.

The majority of X-wing attack craft and one of the two frigates are engaged by two substantial waves of fighters.

As the two forces clash over the station, the corvette and Skywalker arrive, their jump successful. The hero of Yavin weaves his craft through a debris field with the help of R2. As planned, they scream behind Dominator at full throttle while a meager TIE defense addresses their arrival.

Dodonna watches from his flagship as the other Nebulon B collides accidentally with Tarkin's Star Destroyer and the TIE swarm begins to deplete his X-wing force.

Tarkin, bemused at the audacity of this Rebellion commander, orders his gunners to annihilate the frigate. The ferocity of the capital ship's fire tears it apart before the evacuation order is issued, as escort fighters explode all around it.

Yet General Dodonna was simply waiting for an opening! Still listing from the collision Tarkin's crew exposes a weak spot in the ship's thick armor plating. Unable to correct the piloting errors in time, the general's skilled crew find their mark and cause a chain reaction from within the ship's reactors. Tarkin's ship is knocked out!

Then, quickly changing the crew's mood, Dodonna notifies them that Dominator's anti-squadron batteries, combined with the skilled defense offered by two TIE squadrons, has ended the military careers of Skywalker and his squadron mates.

Temporarily distracted by the loss, Dodonna is shaken from his silence by an alert on his command display. TIE fighters, having destroyed the last of the X-wing screen, shriek around the lone frigate as he looks up urgently and shouts for the shields -

- seconds too late! Dominator's powerful close range weapons and superior energy re-routing systems pummel the flagship with a barrage of powerful fire, disintegrating the enemy ship.

Full of sadness and more than a little fear, the captain of the CR-90 veers in for one last attack run on Dominator, the target of its pursuit for the entire battle.

The corvette's laser blasts are absorbed by the shields that were not consumed through Dominator's commander re-routing power. TIE fighter squadrons take note of the little ship as the Star Destroyer wheels around to face this final threat.

Prudently, the captain and crew of the CR-90 deem discretion the better part of valor, and turn the mobile corvette about. Forced to abandon the station and all its importance, the Rebel ship blasts its way away from the surface and escapes.

The Empire, while losing Tarkin's flagship, has won the station.

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