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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Precision Strike (300 points)

Sean and I got in another 300 point game. We're still new enough to Armada that we're just randomly
pulling objectives (note: this article was Written 3 weeks ago!) - while we've enjoyed fleet building, we haven't started picking and choosing objectives yet. This time, the objective was "Precision Strike"- a mission that favored dealing face up damage. Dodonna was pleased.

The Rebel Fleet (296)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57) + General Dodonna (20)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57)
  • CR90 B (39) + Dodonna's Pride (6)
  • CR90 B (39)
  • X-Wing Squadron x 6 (78)
The Imperial Fleet (297)
  • Victory II Star Destroyer (85) + Grand Moff Tarkin (35) + Dominator (12)
  • Victory II Star Destroyer (85)
  • Howl Runner (16)
  • TIE Fighter Squadron x 8 (64)

The fleets line up. The Rebels keep their ships together by class.

The bulk of the X-Wings deploy with the Nebulon Bs, except for some token fighter support for the Corvettes.

Turn one mostly sees everyone move forward. Pictures start on turn two as Dodonna's Pride comes screaming across the bow of the Star Destroyers!

Both Nebulon Bs and Dodonna's Pride issue squadron orders, so the X-Wings accelerate to attack speed and attack the TIEs. Abysmal rolls see the damage mostly mitigated. Thankfully, Dodonna's Pride moved to this location after that Star Destroyer had activated!

Two Nebulon Bs and the Corvette all bear down on the Star Destroyer "Indomitable". They do everything they can to stay at long range to the "Dominator".

Dodonna's Pride pours fire into the Star Destroyer before zipping out of its front arc. The Star Destroyer unleashes fury on Dodonna's Flaghip, and the vessels find themselves nose-to-nose!

The Dominator is still thankfully at long range. X-wings seem to be getting the upper hand on the TIEs.

Even at long range, the Dominator is deadly! Tearing into Dodonna's Flagship with a concentrate fire order on the Nebulon B's vulnerable side. Engineering crews race to get the shields back up, but even at full strength they can't resist firepower of that magnitude!

But continued firepower from the Nebulon Bs, unengaged X-Wings, and Dodonna's Pride tear into the Star Destroyer...

... until its hull buckles and the ship breaks apart. TIEs re-engage the X-Wings, but it's a losing battle for them now.

Dominator passes by Dodonna's Flagship as its side batteries just barely reach medium range. Concentrated firepower results in the complete destruction of the vessel. Dodonna presumably survives in an escape pod.

As the final turns approach, the rebel ships are head in points and so recall the fighters and prepare to jump away. It's these hit and run attacks- rather than protracted battles, that will see eventual victory!

The rebels keep all of their X-Wing squadrons alive, but lose a Nebulon B and Dodonna (77). The Empire also scores 2 victory points, bringing their total to 107. The rebels take out a Victory II (85), all of the TIEs (80), and score one victory point (15) for a grand total of 180.

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