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Monday, April 13, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Most Wanted (300 pts)

Minutes after teaching Sean the basics of the game, we jumped into a full on 300 pointer. Now, Sean had all of half an hour of experience driving a Star Destroyer, but he had the enthusiasm and the basics down. We drew a random objective (Most Wanted) and went to town.

In this objective, two ships were designated objective ships (it wound up being both of our flagships). Any killed objective ships count the cost of the ship (excluding crew and upgrades) double when tallying victory points.

I threw Sean in with the wolves!

The Rebel Fleet (298)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57) + General Dodonna (20)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57)
  • CR90 B (39) + Dodonna's Pride (6)
  • CR90 B (39) + Overload Pulse (8)
  • Luke Skywalker (20)
  • X-Wing Squadron x 4 (52)
The Imperial Fleet
  • Victory I Star Destroyer (73) + Grand Moff Tarkin (35) + Weapons Liason (3) + Dominator (12)
  • Victory I Star Destroyer (73) + Defense Liason (3) + Engineering Team (5)
  • Howl Runner (16)
  • TIE Fighter Squadron x 7 (56)

The setup. We wound up being weirdly skewed.

The Rebel fleet in attack formation.

Star Destroyers on patrol.

Corvettes race forward, acting as skirmishers while the rest of the attack force lines up on the closer Star Destroyer (which was not the objective ship).

A screen of TIEs launch from the hangars.

The Nebulon Bs prepare to unleash on the Star Destroyer as it approaches.

Two turns into the game, and no shots have been exchanged!

But on turn three, a massive melee erupts in the center of the board as all four rebel capital ships pounce on the lead Victory. Tarkin's flagship is lagging behind, still out of range to support!

 Fighters vie for dominance.

The Star Destroyer gets pummeled, and quickly begins taking serious hull damage.

But the big beast will not go down without a fight, unleashing fury in one volley on the Nebulon B that is not Dodonna's vessel.

Intensify Forward Firepower!

A Corvette zips directly into the front arc of the Dominator, but puts effective fire into the rear hull of the ailing Star Destroyer to it's Port side.

Finally the ship begins listing and it's engines wink out. The Rebel fleet lets out a cry, which is cut short by a powerful blast from the Dominator, raking aft and starboard of a CR90.

The Dominator is in range, but it's too little too late. The Rebel fleet has taken down a major combat ship and move to disengage. Thanks to the additional anti-fighter coverage of the nebulon Bs, and the motivated pilots of Red and Blue squadrons, the fighter battle is mostly won as well.

Now the Rebel fleets simply have to escape! Dominator fires on the weakened Nebulon B, but at long range his evasive maneuvers mitigate the worst of it.

As turn 6 approaches, the Rebels are able to quickly change course and escape to hyperspace with only minor casualties.

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