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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Fleet Ambush! (300 points)

The bridge on the Dominator was suddenly a flurry of activity. "Sir! Two ships just came out of hyperspace on the edge of the system. A Nebulon B and a Corvette - their codes aren't recognized - most likely Rebel scum!"

Tarkin knew that two ships were no match for his patrol force of two Victory II class Star Destroyers. "Launch fighters, and bring us about." No sooner had the hangar bays begun spewing forth swarms of TIE fighters, two more vessels and six fighter squadrons abruptly exited hyperspace directly in front of the Imperial vessels, taking them by surprise! It was an ambush! But Tarkin was not new at this, and he would beat the Rebels at their own game.

The Rebel Fleet (296)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57) + General Dodonna (20)
  • Nebulon B Escort Frigate (57)
  • CR90 B (39) + Dodonna's Pride (6)
  • CR90 B (39)
  • X-Wing Squadron x 6 (78)
The Imperial Fleet (300)
  • Victory II Star Destroyer (85) + Grand Moff Tarkin (38) + Dominator (12)
  • Victory II Star Destroyer (85)
  • Howl Runner (16)
  • TIE Fighter Squadron x 8 (64)

The Rebels start with a Nebulon B and a CR90 in the ambush zone, along with all of their fighters. The remaining vessels are just "off camera" in the top right corner of the deployment zone.

A TIE fighter screen forms up as Rebel ships drop out of hyperspace.

The board!

The "far" ships accelerate to attack speed.

The Imperials give Squadron orders right off the bat, and the X-wings find themselves completely swamped!

The Star Destroyers inch forward.

The CR90 "Dodonna's Pride" finds itself directly in the forward batteries of both Star Destroyers. The Dominator intensifies forward firepower at the cost of shields, and the Corvette melts before its devastating bombardment. "Now bring us about, and let's get the other one".

The TIEs continue to beat on the X-Wings. With the help of Howlrunner, the outcome of the fighter battle is now inevitable. The Dominator begins taking damage from the focused fire of the Rebel fleet! Having Tarkin aboard the Dominator was a bad move - it makes the target far too juicy to ignore!

The fast moving Rebel ships approach the Star Destroyer on the right. The Nebulon B fires long range at the Dominator, while the Corvette focuses fire on the Star Destroyer directly in front of it.

The Nebulon B on the right is in for a world of hurt.

Both Nebulons take a pounding, but survive!

The Corvette circles around, as the TIEs finish off the last of the X-Wings.

Both Nebulons are limping...

The rear batteries of the Dominator wipe out Dodonna's ship.

The Rebels are now clearly in a bad way, and elect to make the jump to hyperspace!

The rebel survivors are dazed. The Nebulon B will require time in dry dock to recover, while many good fighter squadrons were lost.

Tarkin makes no comment as he surveys the damage reports of the Dominator. He frowns and issues the order to return to base for repair.

A commanding victory for the Imperials, as the weight of firepower two Victory IIs can bring is demonstrated beautifully.

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