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Friday, April 24, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Clearing the Sector

"Lord Vader."

"Yes Captain Baxtorious?"

"Intelligence assets from the ISB report that a rebel task force made up of Nebulon B Frigate and Corvette with fighter escort is hiding in a near by star system..."

"I would like to take the Inquisitor and its complement of Tie Fighters to the system and engage the rebels."

"So be it Captain.  Leave no survivors.  We must teach the people of this system that it is pointless to join the rebellion."

"Yes Lord Vader."

"Deploy the Tie Fighters to screen the Rebels' X -Wing escort, I don't want then to get through.  We'll take care of the Frigate and Corvette."

"Tactical, engage their ships with a full spread of turbo laser fire."

"Sir, they're returning fire."

"Intensify our deflector shields in the direction of their attack.  Take power from the rear and port shields if necessary."

"Aye, aye Sir."

"Sir we scored a direct hit on the Corvette, their shields are down."


"Sir, damage control reports we have hull breaches on decks 10 and 14."

"Send repair crews down right away."

"Sir, our Ties have eliminated several of their X-Wings with minimal loses."

"Keep up the good work gentlemen, Lord Vader will be pleased."

"The Corvette has disengaged Sir."

"Concentrate all fire on the Frigate.  Once we eliminate it we will take care of the Corvette."

"SIR, they have scored a direct hit, multiple hull breaches detected.  Repair crews have been dispatched!"

"Sir the medical bay reports significant casualties."

"Divert all auxiliary power to the weapons, lets finish them."

"Direct all batteries to concentrate fire on the Frigate's mid section."

"Sir, the Frigate has been take care of."

"Good, now lets take care of the Corvette.  How are the Tie's doing?"

"Sir, we have lost several squadrons, but it appears we have eliminated all of their fighters."

"Excellent work Lieutenant."

"Thank you Sir."

"Sir, the Corvette is coming about."

"Fire all weapons on my command... FIRE!"

"Scanners report several direct hits to the Corvette, they have multiple hull breaches and appear to be losing power."

"Gentlemen lets finish her off so we can tend to our wounded and celebrate this victory for the Empire."


"Lord Vader, we have engaged the rebels and eliminated their capital ships and fighter escort.  We sustained damage in the process and lost several Ties.  Requesting permission to return to base for repairs and refit."

"Permission granted Captain Baxtorious. The Emperor will be most pleased with your performance."

"Thank you Lord Vader."

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